2020 A Cursed Year

What comes to your mind when you think about your experience in the current year, 2020? The answer to it is quite evident in the sense that the year 2020 has brought with it grave destruction and calamity. Hence, it won’t be wrong to declare 2020 a cursed year.

If asked, how would you describe your fears giving a one-word answer? What do you feel when you suddenly realize that the world you are living in 2020 is so unexpected, unpredictable? Where you are not sure about literally anything. You are not sure if you will still be healthy and fit after a ten-minute walk in the streets or not. Many of us believe that this is a terrible and ominous year.

Saying this won’t be wrong if we look at the consequences we met this year. We have never experienced such a massive outbreak of pandemic disease, the mighty virus that has engulfed the entire world in it! But let us discuss something that shook the world before the corona arrived, yeah I am talking about the amazon fire! The fire caused massive destruction, burning millions of wild animals alive.

How painful is this to hear that the innocent animals were burnt to death. The entire forest must have listened to the hurting screams of those innocent animals, who were crying for help, but all in vain as no one would have ever dared to enter the deadly forest for saving their lives. The entire world was helpless.



We could not get out of this trauma until a new disaster struck the earth.




A new and initially unknown virus hit the entire world. The epidemic spread rapidly throughout the world. A disease that restricted everyone to homes, introducing a new concept called “social-distancing,” something we never heard about before.

In this fast-paced world, we’re staying home, and being unproductive is considered out of fashion, where constant social interaction is the basic need. We are compelled to follow the SOP’s for our safety and protection. However, this corona-virus pandemic has appeared to be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a new disease and the consequences related to it are becoming very common among society, increasing the psychological problems.

I have compiled below some significant factors responsible for causing stress, anxiety, and depression in people due to the pandemic.

Rumors about the disease

As the corona-virus pandemic is a newly discovered virus, and it continues to spread, different health care organizations and the scientists are working effortlessly on slowing the spread, finding a proper cure for it. In such a situation, when the information and update are rapidly changing, myths, rumors, and misconceptions arise. This state of chaos has created anxiety in many people.

Impact of social media

In the lock-down period where everyone is supposed to work from home and communicate through social media platforms, the excessive obsession of social media is becoming a threat to the mental health of the general public. Watching videos and seeing posts regarding the pandemic induces stress in people.

Every meme, every content you go through your news-feed is about nothing else but the corona-virus.  Besides spreading awareness in society and giving coping strategies, some culprits feel no shame in initiating, delivering, and conveying doctored memes, perverted links, and fake screenshots, in the name of COVID-19, creating panic in public.

Lack of socialization

Human beings require in-person relationships to remain mentally fit, that feeling of intimacy and warmth makes you feel much better when any of your loved one’s hugs you. We stay happy when we socialize. But, this physical interaction is impossible these days. Though it is compensated a little bit through social media connections, yet it still cannot replace the real-world link.


Every family that has a suspected or confirmed case of the corona has to isolate entirely from the world. The nationwide lock-down has worsened isolation tendencies. It has risen problems for extroverts who cannot keep up with their public dealings. It is tough for them to be confined to their homes only.



Consequences of wearing masks

In the current situation, where wearing a face mask is mandatory, to fight the coronavirus, some problems have arisen. As this is something unusual and new, some people find it uncomfortable and face difficulty in breathing. It is because one has to inhale the carbon dioxide exhaled while wearing a mask that isn’t healthy at all. Inhaling carbon dioxide causes rapid breathing, increased heart rate, emotional disturbance, and fatigue.

Impact on society

There is a significant psychological impact of the corona-virus outbreak on almost people of all ages. Lack of one-on-one interaction with friends and of having personal space at home, children are facing difficulty in coping up with these changes, they are overly pressurized by their furious parents for being annoying and troublesome. Older people are also vulnerable to the outcomes of the disease, creating more anxiety, irritability, and stress in those who are already mentally weak.

It is observed that individuals having uncertainty about their health status are expected to have developed obsessive-compulsive disorder. Symptoms like repeated temperature checks and sterilization. Cases of post-traumatic stress disorder have also been reported. Moreover, some stigmatizing factors such as fear of isolation, discrimination have also led to the rise in psychological problems.

Healthy Ways to cope with corona-virus anxiety

  • Take care of your body
    • Take a deep breath, meditate, do yoga.
    • Maintain a healthy diet.
    • Exercise regularly.
    • Keep a maintained sleep cycle.
  • Be concerned about your emotional health.

Take a break from social media, spend more time with your family, replace your online activities with reading books, playing indoor games with siblings, maintaining a journal for yourself, and improving your skills.

  • Go for therapy sessions.

If you believe that you are experiencing a psychological problem or any of your loved ones, seek a therapist as soon as possible. Having counseling sessions would be very useful in this regard.


The incident of Beirut 

Another massive explosion took place that has rocked the entire Beirut, which is the capital of Lebanon. This unfortunate incident has brought tears in the eyes of people around the world. Many buildings have been destroyed. Around 70 people are killed, and more than 40000 are left injured and devastated.

The exact reason behind such massive blasts is still unknown, and the case is under investigation. According to some officials, there is a chance that heavy explosive material had been stored in the warehouse for about six years. There are multiple videos shared on social media capturing the chaos and destruction in the entire city.

On answering to different media reporters, many people claimed that they have never experienced such a strange explosion in their lives as the blasts were heard throughout the city. Local People also revealed that two planes were seen just before the incident took place. They were observed dropping small bombs after a few moments of which the incident occurred.

Buildings have collapsed, even the hospitals are destroyed, and glass and debris are spread all over. Making the environment more terrible. Moans can be heard from every street in Beirut, people crying and longing for their loved ones who are either dead or missing. This event is an addition to the list of afflictions that our world has faced this year.


Sadly, 2020 is the worst year of 21st century. It has not only influenced the lifestyle of people, but has also left many of them in an unending trauma. In such times of hopelessness and sorrow, let’s not ignore our mental health.

Mental health is as important as physical health. It makes us who we are known to the world influence how we observe, perceive, and act to an emergency. Along with yourself, You should also take care of your friends and family, keep a check on them if they are mentally fit, or struggling with stress and anxiety.

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