21 Signs You Are In A One-Sided Relation

How to check if you are in a one-sided relation?  A checklist of 21 points for a better relationship guide.

Most of us are in relationships and as the name implies, it is a connection or bond which includes two partners, and consequently, efforts are required from both of them. However, if the relationship is one-sided i.e. one of the two partners lacks the affection then it leaves dire results on the mental as well as physical health of the other partner.

Being in such a relation renders a personal emotionally insecure who than keeps struggling to make things work out and most of the time fails. These circumstances result in increased stress levels which eventually leads to physical health problems e.g. insomnia, lack of focus, anxiety, weak memory, and in some cases depression. Despite taking a toll on a person’s mental and body fitness these kinds of relationships mostly last very long and in some cases throughout the life.

Here, a simple touchstone is presented to give you an opportunity to look at your relationship from an objective perceptive. Following is a check-list of 21 points so you can judge whether your relationship is one-sided or not:

  1. Do you always feel insecure in your relationship?
  2. Do you contemplate your partner’s intentions and overthink about this all the time?
  3. Do you always have this feeling of missing something in some way?
  4. Your relationship does not give you a sense of fulfillment.
  5. All the efforts to expand the relation are from your side and that too of no gain.
  6. Either you don’t want to or maybe you never get any chance in the first place to open about your true feelings with your partner.
  7. It is you and you alone who are putting efforts into the relationship and making repairs as well.
  8. A thought to secure your previous emotional and physical efforts for the relation keeps you bounded.
  9. You always feel that your relationship is nothing more than a fragile piece of glass about to break any time.
  10. You always live fear of your partner’s bad mood or relationship quarrels.
  11. You have slowly and unknowingly associated your self-esteem to the durability of the relation.
  12. You never feel that your partners understand you completely or at least enough for beautiful co-existing.
  13. You become apologists for your partner to your own self.
  14. You always feel hungry for affection and attention from your partners but you are always left to be content for very less than desire emotional needs.
  15. Your connection or contact with your partner is not for granted and you are always worried whether you will encounter again or not.
  16. The relation starts getting all over you and you start losing yourself, your goals, and other sides of you
  17. Your happiness and serenity become restricted to intimacy alone after which the same feeling of loneliness engulfs you.
  18. The relation starts becoming an obstacle in your growth and grooming.
  19. The ingenuity of your thoughts and ideas towards your relation is deeply shattered as you always live in fear or worry to keep your partner happy.
  20. Whenever you try to make a discussion to better things up, your partner turns into an argument and puts all the blame on you and makes you feel that you are the reason behind all the mess.
  21. And lastly, your partner never feels your absence. Yes, that’s the main reason. Whenever you are away intentionally or unintentionally, your partner never shows that he is lacking or missing something in life.

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