5 Most Hated Characters Of Harry Potter

Harry Potter Series has a special place in all of our childhood memories. We all have grown up loving and hating its characters. JK Rowling has a unique talent for creating such characters which have left a constant impression on all of our minds. Inspired by the magic of the series, here are 5 characters that I have picked up to be most hated of all the negative characters of the series.


5- Rita Skeeter: Miranda Richardson


Rita Skeeter’s first entry was in the movie “Harry Potter” and then in the “Cup of Fire”. Rita, a well-known journalist from the famous wizarding newspaper “Daily Prophet”, wrote and published what she wanted to believe. The interviews conducted by her were modified in such a way that lies become the truth. And the reality would end up hiding in such a way that even the interviewee would be shocked and upset. Rita was the worst journalist whose job was to publish false news and run after fame.

Important things about Rita are omitted in the film, but the book goes into great detail about this disgusting journalist. Harry Potter’s magical world also teaches magicians to follow the rules. The magician who had the power to transform themselves into an animal used to register them in the Ministry of Magic.

Rita was also one of those magicians who could turn herself into a humble bee, but she did not register herself in the Ministry. She would secretly listen to other magicians, and then make spicy news and publish in “Daily Prophet“.

Hermione and Harry fall prey to Rita’s false news. Hermione catches Rita in the form of a humble bee and locks her in a jar and threatens her that if she spreads false news about anyone again, she will use her secret magic, and will open in the ministry of magic.

Harry Potter writer JK Rowling says that when she started writing novels and grew up with lousy journalists, she decided that she will definitely make a character like such a journalist a part of her novel.


4- Lucius Malfoy: Jason Isaacs

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Filled with prejudice, evil, arrogance, lies, hatred, and cowardice, Lucius Malfoy survived the First War of the Wizards. He learned nothing from the past. He was a bad father who did not raise his son well. Lucius was one of those people who only greeted power. He is one of the most hated characters in the Harry Potter series, who was responsible for opening the celler of the secrets of the Hogwarts School and wanted to ruin the Wesley family.


3- Peter Pettigrew: Timothy Spall

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This is a character in Harry Potter who didn’t get justice in the film. Peter’s death was completely ignored in the film. Peter was a special friend of Harry Potter’s parents and Sirius Black. Peter enlisted in the Phoenix army, in the first battle of the Wizards, but spied only for Dark Lord. Peter told the Dark Lord where Harry’s parents were hiding and became blameworthy for Harry’s parent’s death.

After the Dark Lord left, Peter Pretended to die and lived a life of a rat for almost twelve years. Later, Peter was the one who made the return of the Dark Lord possible. Because he sacrificed his hand to ensure the return of Tom Riddle

It is written in the book that the hand that Peter was given as a gift by the Dark Lord eventually turned against Peter, the same hand that strangled Peter to death.


2- Dolores Jane Umbridge: Imelda Staunton

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There is a storm of hatred and abuse for Umbridge, who kept reminding the cruelty of school and college brutal teachers. Praise be to the writer who reminded me of the horrible days of Punjab College.

Until the beginning of the “Army of the Phoenix”, Hogwarts was an ideal school. The first trouble that befell Hogwarts after the return of the Dark Lord was named Umbridge. A tyrant and ignorant teacher whose goal was to capture Hogwarts, and to punish the students. She was the witch who hated children and believed in beating and violence.

The pink dress, and the weird hairstyle, she looks poisonous while drinking tea. After Dumbledore’s dismissal from Hogwarts, this strange thing became the principal herself and made Hogwarts a prison. After Dumbledore’s return, she was expelled from school, but her oppression did not abate after her return to the ministry of wizards.

In the Ministry of Wizards, she used to punish mixed-blood wizards, but when the Dark Lord was killed, Umbridge was gone through a trial and held accountable for her atrocities. She could not defend herself and was sent to Uzbek for the rest of her life.


1- Bellatrix Lestrange: Helena Bonham Carter

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The Dark Lord is not part of this list. A long post can be written separately on its complex character. After the Dark Lord, if there is one despicable character, it is that of Umbridge and Bellatrix.

Bellatrix was an important member of the Dark Lord’s army. The cousin of Sirius Black and a member of the House of Blacks, Bellatrix was completely devoid of goodness and kindness. Like the Malfoy family, she believed that sorcery should only be extended to the families of sorcerers.

In the first battle of the sorcerers, she persecuted the parents of Noel so badly, that they went insane and their condition became worse than zombies. After the first battle, she was arrested and sent to Azkaban. After the return of the Dark Lord, she Released from there and rejoined the Dark Lord’s Army as a Death Eater.

The Violence Against Hermione and the Dobby Murder in the Death Gift Story puts Bellatrix at number one on the list. Bellatrix killed Sirius Black, What’s more, Harry Potter was once again isolated In the Battle of Hogwarts, Bellatrix faced MOLLY, who led her to Hell.

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