5 Overrated Actors Of Pakistan

 5. Agha Ali


Overrated Actors
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Ever since I was a child, I have seen Agha Ali in the same roles. Whether the character is positive or negative, the same negativity seems to overshadow his face. No matter how many dramas you watch of him, you will never see anything new from this person.

There may be different opinions on “Khani” drama. Some might have liked it and some didn’t. Even though that character was nothing new, however, Feroze Khan proved his acting skills very well. Agha Ali has had such psychopaths and negative roles many times, but each time we have seen less of him, than the same average level of acting.

We are still seeing this actor, who has been playing the same role for so many years, in huge productions even today. He also sings. Believe me, he sing a way that makes me want to put my hands over my ears.


4. Shahzad Sheikh


Overrated Actors
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Shahzad Sheikh, son of Javed Sheikh Sahib, can be seen everywhere on Geo, Hum and ARY in these days. Compared to Agha Ali, this man is neither a very good looking person nor has an attractive personality. But even so, he appears in a lot more projects than Agha Ali.

When it comes to his acting, there are only a few fixed expressions that he uses in every play. After two to three episodes, the sack of bad acting becomes unbearable and makes us cringe out loud.


3. Bilal Ashraf


Overrated Actors
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Contrary to his charming personality, he is a really bad actor. Bilal Ashraf does not deserve to be given a role of a hero in movies, in any way. Seeing him dancing with Kubra Khan in a song of the movie “Superstar”, one becomes surprised and distressed at the same time, thinking about the person who is responsible for making him the part of the movie. I didn’t watch the movie “superstar”.

Because after watching the movie “Janan” I had repented and decided not to watch his movies ever again, even if that movie was the last movie in the world. Bilal Ashraf can be a great model but acting ?? He will not be able to become even acceptable in this area.


2. Danish Taimoor


Overrated Actors
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Whether it’s a drama or a game show or a movie, you will see this guy everywhere. He is been part of the industry for ages. But this man did never learn acting. Like Bilal Ashraf, this gentleman is also a part of the industry because of his “looks”. It has to be admitted that in our TV and film scripts, the actor does not get much margin to prove his versatility, but it doesn’t mean that they make us see their monotonous acting over and over again.

I am the witness of Danish Taimoor’s worst performance of his career in Sangeeta and Javaid Sheikh’s movie “Wajood”. Surprisingly, in spite of such a lousy performance, these gentlemen are being admired and famous.


1. Imran Abbas


Overrated Actors
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He surely is an extraordinary person. It would not be wrong to say that Imran Abbas is a great personality who has earned a lot of money and fame by doing modeling in dramas instead of showing his acting skills. Since he only appears as a fine supermodel in dramas.

It is being said that, Imran Abbas wears more make-up than Muneeb Butt and Danish Taimoor, in fact the irony is that Imran Abbas wears more make-up than his fellow actresses, and worries for same small things that, he must look attractive while crying or laughing instead of looking real. He never laughed openly or cried so that his face doesn’t look bad while doing so, which makes his acting so unreal and unfocused.

Other actors have a few skills, but this man seems totally devoid of them. Except in the first season of “Khuda Aur Mohabbat”, Imran Abbas disappointed me every time I saw him on the screen. Despite this, he is among the highest-paid actors in the industry.


By Sanwal Rajput

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