5 Pakistani Overrated Actresses

5. Urwa Hocane


5 Pakistani Overrated Actresses
Source: @urwatistic/Instagram


I never understood Urwa’s attitude and behavior. I saw Urwa and Mawra as VJ on a channel. Then the first impression I got was that they should be able to speak because they looked very strange while doing the show. Then, in double-quick time, the two sisters made themselves popular and become part of the dramas of every small and big production.

Mawra’s performance is even tolerable, but Urwa makes me lose my marbles. She doesn’t know acting and if you want to see her dance, you must watch the song ” Mera Twenty Four Seven Luck” from the movie “Punjab Nahi Jaun Gi”. You wouldn’t be able to decide either to laugh or cry while watching her dance. Urwa is hardly anything more than an average model.


4. Alizeh Shah


5 Pakistani Overrated Actresses
Source: @alizehshahofficial/Instagram


With big eyes, bright complexion, beautiful hair, and a sweet voice, Alizeh Shah have all the ingredients to be a beautiful actress excluding “acting”. This beautiful girl is completely unfamiliar with the skills for acting. No matter how charming she is, her acting never inspired me in any drama. Her body language and expressions are so artificial in every scene, I have yet seen.


3. Momal Sheikh


5 Pakistani Overrated Actresses
Source: @momal15/Instagram


Like her brother, Momal Sheikh has successfully jumped into big dramas but has done nothing but spread boredom on the screen. This woman gives extremely disgusting impressions while acting. I have never been able to decide who is worse among Shahzad and Momal. Watching any of Momal’s dramas is the hardest thing in the world.


4. Hina Altaf


5 Pakistani Overrated Actresses
Source: @hinaaltaf/Instagram


Who brought her in the dramas? No grace, no talent, no retention, she can only cry well, and most of the screen time she spends in crying. In several dramas, she is given the role of an orphaned, helpless girl, where she cries all the time and in the end, a prince becomes the support of this helpless girl and thus the “moon” descends in the courtyard of Hina. If crying and screaming are acting, then Hina is a good actress in this industry. Urwa and Alizeh can be considered acceptable for modeling, Nevertheless, Hina is not even suitable for that.


5. Hania Amir


5 Pakistani Overrated Actresses
Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


If there is an election to elect the queen of over-acting, then Hania Amir will win unopposed. Except for the movie “Janan”, this woman doesn’t look good anywhere. As her time in the industry is moving past, she is becoming monotonous progressively.

Fair complexion, the way of rolling your eyes and talking with fake accents will work in a play or two but not any further. Hania Amir is on the screen with whosoever, her chemistry doesn’t seem to match with anyone. I think Hania is the most overrated actress in the industry.


By Sanwal Rajput

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