5 Proven Ways To Boost Your Toddler’s Brain

Do you think it is the most difficult idea to fight against your genes and amplify your toddler’s mind? Well, be happy it’s not the case. One doesn’t need high-tech toys, tablets, a big house, and a full wallet to help his toddler’s curiosity to grow. For these early years (0-3 years), our parents and only us are the canvas of this wide world of your children. Nurture them through your attention, love, and hugs to result in emotionally strong beings.

Let them be inquisitive towards things and ignite their interest so their brain circuits build and neurons multiply instead of shrinking as it is like use it or lose it kind of concept. Although brain development starts way before the child came into this world but don’t worry there are still methods that can help you to culminate and foster a child’s mental growth. The following 5 Proven Ways To Boost Your Toddler’s Brain are being observed worldwide for this purpose and I practice them too on my kids.


Toddler's IQ


Interaction: two-way process

    • Infants are like Tabula Rasa (blank slate). Never think that they don’t understand. Talk to them and give your undivided care to your lifetime asset even bathing, feeding, reading, or playing. Kids are very sensitive in understanding gestures and emotions.
    • Help them learn to read around the age of preschool because this will help them to read to learn later. Language is like a nutritional supplement to the brain’s development. That’s why educationalists always encourage children to learn more than one language. Being bilingual improves brain functioning as you switch between languages. Pretty impressive, right?



Engage them in sports

    • Kids learn through serve and return methods just like in any sports. Sports increases the release of endorphins in our toddler’s brain and works like morphine to relax him/ her and trigger positive behavior.
    • Inculcate a daily practice of any sports into your child’s life. This will not only provide his brain fresh oxygen but also strengthen his/ her ideology of believing “I am capable of doing everything’’.

Don’t worry after reading the dos and don’ts of brain boasting everyone can get positive results after following them especially the next one.



Use brain games as brain teasers

    • Make playtime fun by engaging with your kids. Bring out some brain teasers for them to reinforce their learning. For toddlers’ puzzles, I spy, blocks building, arranging alphabets, counting, shapes, play dough, and pretend plays are good to start. They all improve the sensory experience of kids.
    • Another thing that my kids also love was making an obstacle exercise which I used to make from chalk in front of my house. Well, like all other parents, I always wanted my kids to be nerds and book worms so every week I took them to the library to search for preschool books with brain games in them.


todllers brain activity


During that process of reading books and engaging thoughts with other parents, I came to know that good food also help the brain to boost its performance. Here comes my next boosting tip for your toddler which is healthy eating and the right choice of food especially at a young age.

Food for brain

    • No need to be fancy and hard on yourself. Be simple and use foods available in nature to provide all the nutrients to your baby. Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    • Develop their love for fruits and vegetables by offering all kinds even if they refuse. One of my kids doesn’t like banana due to its smell I used to make a banana shake with some Oreos to reduce smell so anyways he’s getting his potassium.
    • It is important to make a food chart according to their daily nutrition need. Reduce dairy after two years of age and add protein and fiber. Find omega 3 sources which are easily available in your local market like eggs, fish, nuts, etc.


Food for todller's brain


Again, don’t burn out your child may not eat everything and may respond differently to different situations.

Go with the flow

    • Remember the right choice at the right time. As one of my Family Child Care teachers always emphasizes giving time to your child when he\she is good. Don’t wait for him to cry for milk, offer it at his time and be free for him\her at that time.
    • Every kid has different nature some are shy, bold, or impulsive. Let them take their time and avoid placing them in uncomfortable situations. Never compare your shy one with bold one especially in front of everyone. This will have a negative image on your toddler’s brain.
    • Make a disciplined schedule for this young age, be predictable, consistent, and give clear instructions and responses in all circumstances.
    • Most importantly, talk about their emotions, give them words to express themselves, and improve their cognitive learning by engaging them in simple experiments.


Toddler's Activities


Lastly, a good combination of sleep, food, and health contributes to the steady growth of the brain. Think of positive reinforcement all the time and give your little bundle of joy confidence, love, and lots of hugs. Try to be there for them when they need you, call you and ask for you.

The list of boasting and helping your child growth has many perspectives, I have jotted down ones which seems important to me. You can have other opinions don’t hesitate to discuss and comment about them in the comment box. Enjoy your parenthood.



Mariam Jawad: Certified Family Child Care


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