7 Days In Entebbe Review By Abid Bakht

A 2018 film based on a true event occurred in  1976. The hijacking of a flight from Tel Aviv to Paris, 7 Days In Entebbe Review By Abid Bakht.

Thankfully, not as many incidents have happened in India and Pakistan as the number of films has been made on Pak-India tensions. Dozens of films have been made on the situation in Israel and Palestine and dozens of peace agreements have been made. Neither the agreements brought any positive changes, nor the filmmakers stopped making films on such topics.

Let’s discuss the movie that is based on the conflicts between these two countries. And this is a film based on a true event that occurred in the 70s.
The story is about a group of two Germans and some Palestinians. The Germans hijack a French plane and take it to Benghazi airport and then to Uganda. Then they try to make their condition before Israel that, give with one hand, take with another. They offered that If Israel releases 50 captives of libertarians, They are ready to release more than 200 of Israeli hostages, and Israel can also keep the French ship, the deal is not as bad, but Israel did not agree.

The Prime Minister and his cabinet decided to take action and The public was so angry and insisted that whatever Government can do, must do. We don’t want our people in danger. They protested so fiercely that the Prime Minister’s office was invaded.

The Jakers selectively separated the Israelis and paid rent to the rest, saying, “Go home. Well done. This is our game, we are gonna play it our way.” Then when the Israeli soldiers came, they played like a pro.

In the movie, you can see the power of the state, People’s love for their country. In one scene, a man tells the hijackers that if you want to fight, we have an army…This is what keeps them together. The army is supporting the government and the people are supporting the government.

In our country, the legs of each other are being pulled by politicians and bureaucrats. The public has its own conflicts. No one is aware of where to go. Our nation has no goal. At first, the Israeli prime minister tries to get the Ugandan government to look into the matter, but when he finds out that the cat is with the thieves, he prepares for action.

There are many emotions in the film. The music is excellent, the dance was brilliant. The dialogues are exceptionally good. Especially the dialogues between the pilot and the German are splendid. When the pilot asks him what you do, the German says I’m a libertarian, he says a laborer is better than ten libertarians and an engineer is better than a hundred libertarians. It was a mockery of those who consider themselves members of the so-called organization and are big talkers.

Watch the movie and think about what you get to think. This movie is based on a true story. Another short movie on the same event is available on youtube.

Movie: 7 Days In Entebbe
Genre: Action, Drama, History
IMDb Rating: 5.8/10

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