7 Ways To Stay Motivated And Beat Criticism

Does it happen that you think of a new goal and you want to share it with your family members and your friends, who are very close to you? And when you share it with them, you expected them to be so happy and excited for you as you are, and however, what you receive are discouragement and criticism. Of course, you don’t feel excited about it. At those times there are ways to overcome such emotions. I’m going to tell you 7 ways to stay motivated when people put you down.

Know Your Mission

Yes, It’s very important that you know what you want to do. But of course, there are times, when you share about your goals with other people, they discourage you and they criticize you and they tell you so many stories of other people, who have failed while aiming for this same goal. But what should you do at that time? Should you deviate from your decision? Not really.

I’ll share a situation with you. In my own situation rather, I always wanted to be a life coach and when I shared it with the people around me, they were not very excited about this decision of mine, like I was. For a moment I was also skeptical that whether I should do this or not? Then I decided that no this is my ambition and I’m surely going to accomplish it and here I’m I have accomplished it. And so will you be able to if you clear your head about your mission and know exactly what you want to do.

Don’t justify your goals

You don’t have to justify your goals, it’s not needed to justify your goals to other people. However you must justify your goals to yourself, you should have valid reasons for why you are doing? What you are doing? And you should know them and if you give those reasons to other people.

There’s quite a possibility, I’m saying it out of the personal experience the more you try to justify, the more you’ll be discouraged and they’ll give you a thousand reasons, Why you should not do what you must do rather. So it’s really not important for you to justify or give reasons for what you’ve decided, you can go ahead with your decision. Surely you should share it with your friends, but the correct people who you think will rather encourage you.

Don’t reveal too much too soon

Yes, Shhhhhh…It’s important that you keep your goals slightly secretive towards the beginning of the decision. It’s because your goal has not yet gained too much positive momentum and It’s not ready to face the force of criticism. Yes, that’s quite a possibility, whenever I share my goals with my friends. The first time they tell me so many stories about how I could fail, they tell me to be careful maybe they are trying to help me out.

But the fact is If I have decided to do it and I’ve actually researched about my goal and I know that I can achieve it then why should I really worry about it. So it’s better if you don’t reveal too much about your goal too soon.

Expand your social circle

Yes, we all want to do that, we want to meet new people and It’s really good to do that when you’ve set some new goals. Maybe the people that you are currently connected to do not share the same background as yours and maybe not even the same interests and values.

So there’s quite a possibility that when you share your goals with them. They might discourage you and they might tell you negative things about your goal and which will not be a very good thing for your goal, so what I suggest is you meet new people expand your social circle maybe you can have a network a supporting network that you can tap into during your journey towards your goal.

And whenever you’re too discouraged or too low or maybe too skeptical about your decision. You should always have a go-to person. Yes, the person that you can trust and you’re very sure that when you share about your goal with them or about your problems with that person. They’ll encourage you rather than criticizing you, so have that go-to person and expand your social circle.

Spend time in solitude

But what do you mean by solitude? Solitude means in silence or when you’re alone and there is no one to disturb you. This reminds me of a famous quote by Albert Einstein, which says,

“That solitude stimulates a creative mind.”

Yes, so when you’re alone and there is nobody to disturb you, not even your phone, not your laptop or any other technological device. At that time you have all the time in the world to think of a winning strategy and you can decide on your plan of action for your goal. Once you know what you have to do you’ll be much more confident about your goal and then you’re ready to face the force of criticism. So it’s very important that you spend your alone time and use that time to prepare the winning strategy.

Find those people who have succeeded in achieving the same goals as yours

Why is it really so important, It’s important so that you can follow their footsteps and you can model them and do as they did. After all, if they can succeed in the same goal as yours then, why can’t you? It’s important that today you make a list of those people who have succeeded in achieving the goal that you’re aiming at, follow their lives, read about their lives, read about what they have done, and how they achieved it. Try to follow their footsteps and then surely your way to go and you have the correct model to follow. So find those people make a list and follow them.

Celebrate small successes

Yes, it’s very important to celebrate your small successes or your small wins. How can you do that? So what I do is, I create a small log and in that log, I add all the things that I’ve successfully done that might include cleaning my inbox, cleaning my wardrobe, and probably even you know the new people that I meet.

The new friendships that I develop. If I’ve learned a new language that’s like a slightly long term goal, but you can add that too. If you’ve learned a new software application, you can add that to the list. So what this will inspire you for is if you have overcome challenges before, you sure can overcome challenges in the future and this will keep you motivated whenever you feel low.

So this is like your private journal, your private go-to thing. If not a person then maybe you can refer to the journal to encourage you. You are your own inspiration, so do remember to be inspired by yourself.

With the seventh tip that I’ve just shared with you, we come to an end of today’s amazing session. Where you learned how to kill criticism through motivation. Being self-motivated and being inspired by other people. Remember to focus on the finishing line and enjoy every step of the journey towards your success.




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