Alternative To Netflix ? How Amazon Prime Is Better In India?

No one could have thought how these OTT (over the top) platforms would be such a blessing one day, for no one could’ve predicted what an outbreak of a pandemic would entail. Just a little while ago, Netflix was the only choice for the audience. However, this is changing and an alternative to Netflix known as Amazon Prime is becoming more and more popular.

Though Netflix has to pander to a wider global audience, Amazon Prime, is more directed towards the South Asian audience. It has a lot of Indian content available on it. So, for Hindi or Urdu speaking audience, I feel Amazon Prime is a better alternative to Netflix.

Moreover, apart from more local content, Amazon Prime also offers a competitive economical edge over its closest competitor. The subscription of Amazon Prime is cheaper than that of Netflix. Moreover, Amazon Prime also offers a free one week screen on simpler terms than free Netflix trail (Becoming a free alternative to Netflix, for a little while though).

OTT and Chill

If one was to say that the only thing that kept humanity sane during lockdown were these very OTT platforms, it wouldn’t be very far from the truth. Whenever OTT and streaming platforms are discussed, the two that instantly pop into the head are Netflix and Amazon Prime. In this day and age, only those living under a rock aren’t familiar with the phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’.

Netflix has revolutionized the entertainment industry by totally changing the way people engage with content. A close competitor that has come up along with Netflix in recent times is Amazon Prime. There may not be any losers in this race but audiences will surely be the winners.

More Freedom, Less Censorship

Long gone are the days when someone used to set the agenda and narrative for the audiences. With the rise of these platforms, one can watch whatever one wants. This has also created a sort of heaven for content creators with next to none censorship. Amazon Prime has particularly given a boost to the Indian Standup comedy scene by releasing specials of many famous comics.

The original productions by both these platforms are of far superior quality than anything else available on such platforms. Although many such other platforms have sprung up as contenders none has yet challenged these two in a significant manner. The future is likely to belong to such OTT platforms and we would see the waning of conventional forms of media with digital on the rise.

Given the huge potential of this digital revolution, it is likely to absorb all that extra human resource. Although this would create some problems for human resources linked with those conventional media industries. There are debates in the offing of starting to tax digital marketplaces and firms significantly to cater for the human resource they are putting out of work. If that comes to fruition, we might be able to fulfill the dream of a universal basic income without any worries of unemployment! We will have to wait and watch what the future holds for us!

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