Best Actresses Of Pakistan

5. Mehwish Hayat

Whether it is modeling, drama, or film, Mehwish Hayat has raised the flag of success in every field. Mehwish Hayat is a very talented actress. The general impression is that Mehwish is disliked a lot, but I never understood the reason for this despise. There is probably no other bold actoress like Mehwish Hayat in our industry. When it comes to Mehwish’s acting, whether it is a film or a drama, her performance is always remarkable. Personally, I really like her performances in “Main” and “Dil Lagi”. And when it comes to movies, Mehwish’s performance in “Actor in Law” and “Load Wedding” is spectacular.

Mehwish Hayat
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4. Sarah Khan

Graceful actresses like Sarah Khan are very rare in the Pakistani drama industry. Sarah Khan is one of the most beautiful actresses in Pakistan. Although Sarah Khan did very little work in her career, however, it was always unique. Whichever role she played she played it very well. Sarah Khan is currently playing a negative role in Hum TV’s drama “Sabaat” and the skill with which she is playing this role is the lifeblood of the drama. Sarah’s best plays include “Sabaat”, “Band Khirkiyan”, “Barhi Aapa” and “Alvida”.

Sarah Khan
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3. Sajal Aly

I recently watched her drama “Yaqeen ka Safar”. She looked very adorable in a get up of a Docter. In “Yaqeen ka Safar”, Sajjal proved that if she has a good script and a great team, she will never disappoint. When Sajal appeared with Shri Devi and Adnan Siddiqui in the movie “Mom” She surprised every viewer. Sujal had played the role of a “rape victim” in the film, and her acting skills were marvelous. She is a good performer many times more than she is beautiful. If you want to see the top performance of Sajjal, then watch the dramas “O Rangreza”, “Yaqeen Ka Safar” and “Gul E Rana” besides the movie “Mom”.

Sajal Aly
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2.  Iqra Aziz

Jiya Nazakat Ali of “Suno Chanda” won the hearts of every viewer. Iqra Aziz has all the potential to be a great actress. Whether you see Iqra in “Suno Chanda” as a naughty girl or in “Khamoshi” as a very negative and psychopath or in “Qurban” as a loving girl. Iqra fits into each character and plays that role very well. Iqra Aziz played very different roles in a very short time and proved that she is a unique actress. Iqra’s Best plays include “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi”, “Suno Chanda”, “Choti Si Zindagi” and “Qurban”.

Iqra Aziz
Source: @iiqraaziz/Instagram


1.  Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar’s performances in the dramas “Baghi”, “Beysharam”, “Cheekh”, “Maat” and “Digest Writers” were very well praised. There is no other actress in the entire industry as versatile as this lady. The actress, who can play all kinds of roles very well, was given the opportunity to do a film called “Hindi Medium” with Irfan Khan across the border. Saba Qamar’s very high performance was well received there. At present, there is no greater actress in Pakistani drama and film than Saba. Each of Saba’s characters is acted out in a very unique way. fun and playfulness, love and hate, rebellion, and seriousness, you will find all these aspects in the performances of this unique actress. Unfortunately, there are still not many films and dramas being made in Pakistan, otherwise, we would have seen many more unique roles of Saba Qamar.

Saba Qamar
Source: @sabaqamarzaman/Instagram

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