Child Labour – A social issue

Child labour is not a dilemma restricted to one country but it is a large-scale social issue in the whole world. Some countries struggle to trim it whilst others do not take it as an extensive problem. This social issue is also one of the reasons for the downfall of the country’s reputation. This issue is very sensitive to touch because it emanates many psychic and health issues among the children.

Around 250 million children in the world are confronting this civil issue nowadays which is a point to ponder for humanity.

What is child labour?

Child labour is something that compels the child to take the burden of whole family sums on their shoulders and it causes them to massacre their innocence and childhood. In other words, child labour is something that left the child alone on the globe to face the scorching blaze of the sun and kill their innocent fascinations of childhood. It is an unknown breed of savagery that handicaps the way of a child to education.

Why were children put to work? 

For me, the parent’s inefficiency to take the load of their responsibility is a major cause of child labour to some extent. In some cases, if one of the parents suffers from any physical impairment then the other one should carry the burden of the family instead of imposing the child to work.

Poverty, inflation, a large number of family members, natural disasters, illiteracy, economic issues are the sizable causes of child labour in Pakistan.

Child Labour

Problems confronting by the child:

Adolescents are facing so many obstacles while working. There is no such workplace available where people do not spawn stumbling blocks. No one cares that kids are fighting in a coal mine for a single penny. No one even bothers that they are bleeding themselves to fill their stomach. But it is idiotic and inhumane that the man of the present age is not even showing clemency to the children so that it becomes accessible for the child to be the hand of their family.

Nowadays harassment is a major issue for the child and other headaches are:

  • Domestic brutality
  • Enslavement
  • Trafficking
  • Adultery
  • Pornography
  • Unsafe work that may result in a bruise or ultimate death and many others.

This is a slap on the face of humanity that we even create complications for innocent souls. All these things have a pessimistic impact on the psyche of the child. It all becomes abscess for them to move into this society. All of this stuff their minds with such trash that they may also supersede the same roadway.

Types of child labour:

There are so many types of child labour in Pakistan but the most common ones are domestic work, labour in hotels, brick furnaces, agriculture, mining, industries, etc. One of the forms of child labour trails in the past five years like a fire is begging that maybe by their own will or may be driven by someone.

Law of child labour in Pakistan:

In the past five years, Pakistan initiated to pay attention to the wrongs of child labour and take state-of-the-art steps to expunge it from our country. It does not mean that laws were not made before. Laws were made but no one tries to follow whether people are obliging it or not.

The most fundamental codes that were made in Pakistan are:

  • In 1991: The employment of children law
  • In 1992: The bonded labour system abolition law
  • In 1994: The Punjab compulsory education law

In recent years Pakistan put forward a law to restrict the age limit that child labour is banned under the age of fifteen. The ministry of Pakistan has outlawed the under-15s forced labour and perilous work. It has been made mandatory for children to get basic schooling up to matriculation.

Pakistan has also focused on the time limitation for the children toiling in cooperatives and industries.

Child Labour

What steps should be taken by the government to stop child Labour?

In the United Nations, child labour is unconstitutional. It is insurmountable for a child in foreign countries to work under the age of 15. The Fair Labour Standards Act in the United States sets unambiguous policies for child labour which is a great policy. So, I think our prime minister should take inspiration from this program and implement a policy to give fixed wages according to their work status because in our country children do not get enough wages.

He should make education free for the children, at least up to class 8. He should make a definite policy to control population growth. He should develop a policy of granting some expenses to each family that can not afford and makes sure whether the children are moving to school or not. He should make a stringent policy to incarcerate parents who forced their children to work.

What we can do?

As a common man without authority, we think that we cannot bring any change. But we do not know the influence of our actions. We can reduce child labour by taking responsibility for teaching at least a single child. We can cooperate with them by showing leniency in time schedules for their comfort.

We can only help a child working in our homes, our hotels, our factories by teaching them the importance of education and providing them a facility for a part-time job. We can also help such children by granting a little humanity. In this regard I agree to Alexis Herman who said:

“If we can’t begin to agree on fundamentals such as the elimination of the most abusive forms of child labour then we are not ready to march forward into the future.”

Child Labour Statistics in Pakistan:

A survey conducted by the ministry of Pakistan evaluated that around 19 million children under the age of 15 are compelled to work in barbarous conditions.


Child labour as a social issue has become cancer for our society. It is socially very inefficient. Most of the parents in Pakistan do not even bother about the negative impact of child laboUr on innocent brains. Child labour has increased in our society due to an unstable economy. We have to make the world a better place and for this purpose, we must put our hearts to help the children. We all have hope in our ministry that they can protect our child from such thieves who pilfered their playtime.

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