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If you are cooked up by the Saas bahu, Nand Bhawaj, Sokun’s conspiracies, Toofani muhabbat, love triangles, and wailing of innocent delicate women, then, brilliance, action, and eminence of the “Churails” Performances await you. After a great film like “Cake“, Asim Abbasi, the creator of this series with a very powerful cast, now presents “Churails”.

An excellent housewife, an event designer, a boxer, and an assassin, these four women are fortunate enough to meet together on a stormy rainy night when the story of the darksome night “Churails” begins.

The series was released on August 7. And the next day I had it but couldn’t see it. Two days ago, a dear friend sent a clip of the same series on WhatsApp. That clip was so good that I immediately wanted to watch the series and slept after finishing the whole series.

If you have watched the trailer of the play and are guessing that, four women have formed a spy agency together, to catch men who are harassing or cheating on women. And there will be a brand new story in each episode, then you must know that it is not like that at all. This story is like an onion. There are many layers under the layers.


Sarwat Gilani is seen in the role of Housewife who has given up the profession of advocacy for the household.

Sarwat Gilani Churails
Source: @sarwatg/Instagram


Yasra Rizvi as an event designer who is an alcoholic.

Yasra Rizvi Churails
Source: @yasrarizvi/Instagram


Meharbano is seen as a young rebel boxer

Meharbano Churails
Source: @meharbano/Instagram


and Nimra Bucha as a killer

Nimra Bucha Churails
Source: @nimrabucha/Instagram


The performance of these four women is incredible, and they absolutely killed it. Personally, I really liked the acting of Yasra and Sarwat. Yasra Rizvi’s foul language made the atmosphere of the play chucklesome. All the characters in the play were developed with great skill. The show is a complete package including Comedy, Romance, and Thriller.

Asim Abbasi, the creator of this drama, deserves special applause. Asim wrote, directed, and produced the play. His expertise in all three fields shows that he becomes a proficient “one-man army”.

Here I would like to talk about some scenes. In the first episode, there is a morning incident where Sarwat Gilani amazes her husband through pictures. The way various pictures were put on the wall and each picture was shown skillfully is a remarkable example of camera work. The second scene when a boutique blows up in flames is a really fascinating shot. You will be elated at the details. Watch this scene and enjoy it.

Our talented people who could not get the freedom on TV can now show their artistry in web series. The “Churails” is just the beginning. Pakistani web series will give our expert actors a chance to show their art in other countries. The dialogues of the series are matchless.  Some of my favorite lines are …


“Humary Logon Ki Buhat Heran Kun Baat Hy Kay In Ki Nafrat Bhi Bey Wafa Hy.”

“Yeh Saali Kutti Zindagi Hy Nah, Is Ka Maqsad Hum Sy Humari Khushiyan Cheen’na Hy, Jahan Thori Si Khushiyan Milti Nahi, Wahan Kainat Ka Lamba Sa Danda Aa Kar Pichwary Mein Lag Jata Hy.”

“Is Sab Sy Saali Kainat Ka Kiya Lena Dena? Hum Sub Khud Kafi Hein Aik Dosry Ko Danda Deny Kay Liye.”

And the most amusing line of Yusra Rizvi, when she was holding a circumcised child in her arms.

“Dard Hui? Kuch Paany Ky Liye Kuch Khona Tu Parhta Hay Nah.”


By Sanwal Rajput

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