Cursed (2020) | A Netflix Original Series

Cursed is a Netflix Original Series based on the novel of Tom Wheeler and Frank Mille, set in the time before king author wielded the sword of power or It can be considered a feminist version of the legend of king author but is it as good as the original that is what you will find out.

The main character of this action fiction series is a young sorceress Nimue (Katherine Langford) who faces a somewhat difficult life as a child and now as an adult.


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She is a daughter of the Lady of the Lake, so if fate permits she is next to rule the lake, as the next lady of the lake. This whole plot revolves around Nimue and her quest to get the Sword of Power to Merlin, whom she does not knows.

This could have been a great show but unfortunately, for me, it’s not. Even with all the Netflix resources and a promising plot, it failed to achieve the success it should have achieved. Bad acting and even worse action choreography were the key ingredients to this bad result, the cut scenes were just horrendous, with Netflix having made a great action-packed show like THE WITCHER I had higher expectations. But this show failed miserably to meet Netflix’s old standards.

Now if we try to find some plus points we find that it had some worth watching visuals and some slightly better by Merlin(Gustaf Skarsgård).


Source: @cursed/Instagram


If you lower your expectations you might end up liking it but Beware doesn’t watch it thinking you are in for a treat.



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