DARK Season 1 And 2 Explained By Danish A. Lohar

According to Friedrich Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence –”the idea that all events in the world repeat themselves in the same sequence through an eternal series of cycles.” That is, if there are finite events over an indefinite period of time, those events will continue to repeat themselves indefinitely.

“I know everything.”

Can any human say this sentence out loud? Man’s knowledge is limited and his memory is also according to his knowledge, so it is impossible for him to know everything. But the question is, can we say for God that He knows everything?

Knowledge, information, understanding of everything, we also call it Omniscience, but can it all be used for the past or for the future too?

Does God already know what we are going to do? If so, then what is the point of talking about free will, hereafter, heaven, and hell when our every step is pre-determined?

Predetermined or Free Will?
To understand this, we need to understand that God’s knowledge is based on perceptualism or conceptualism.

Perceptual Model:
This model tells us about the knowledge that we have perceived or experienced. For example, one person’s grief cannot be felt by another person as intensely as the person who has gone through it.

Conceptual Model:
This model introduces us to the knowledge of all kinds of possibilities, that is, how a single phenomenon affects the occurrence of other things. For example, if you have a fan, electric, connection, no fault in the fan, then turning on the button will start the fan. It can also be taken as Due Diligence.

Every little thing that happens in the world comes at a time and brings about a big change. In general, we are all part of the chessboard, thinking that we will make a big difference, but in reality, our position is not more than a pawn.

The two models mentioned above shows that man has no will of his own, while here we have to understand another model which can make man’s will clear. This is the model presented by Luis de Molina according to which, man’s every action is independent of God’s influence, yet God has foreknowledge of every occurrence that is going to happen at any point in time.
For example, if a child does not sleep in the afternoon one day, we assume that he will fall asleep early at night. It is our knowledge that informs us about the future. Now think about how vast God’s knowledge will be.

The purpose of such a big introduction was to tell you something about the power of God that you might see in Netflix original series “Dark”. This series is also based on a theme we know as “time”. This is a paradox that no human has ever understood. Einstein described the time in such a way that if you travel at the speed of light, you can leave time behind. The faster a fan’s wing spins, the more ambiguous its vision becomes for us.

Time travel:
This series shows how dangerous it can be for human survival if you are free from the constraints of time. Human life then becomes like a video game that plays again and again from a starting point,  and where there is a Déjà vu it is simply being likened to a Glitch in a Matrix. This thing has been seen in many movies in Hollywood and the best example of this can be seen in the Source Code movie.

Deja Vu:
A moment with the human psyche when it feels like this moment, these people, this thing has happened before. And that happens often with us.

By the way, there are many rumors and theories about time travel, but so far no such evidence has come to light to prove whether man can travel through time or not. Elsewhere, Einstein described time as the fourth dimension of space. Now, the question is, has time always moved forward, never has it ever flew backward?

In this series, we see another thing that has to do with the solar and lunar cycles. Today’s solar date and lunar date will be the same again after a full 33 years, which is a complete 33-year cycle.

DARK Season Story:
In October 2019, a child disappears from a small German town called Wenden, 15 days have passed since the incident, and the police have failed miserably to recover kidnap victims. Fifteen days later, another child, the youngest son of a local police sheriff, went missing. Search is increased but the result is zero. The boy was last seen near a cave on the outskirts of Wenden.

Now the time moves backward and the period in Wenden city 33 years before, that is, 1986, and the same child named Mikkel emerges from the same cave and heads home, where he sees his father, who is still young. He can’t understand what to tell people where he came from. Are the people of this “age” mentally mature enough to take it seriously? Or do people of any age value time travel more than movies and dramas?

To understand this series, you need to understand the 4 Family Trees in Wenden.


The first is the Kanhwald family, which includes Hannah, Michael, their son Jonas and Michael’s mother who raised Michael, Ignes Kahnwald. It is important to remember “The Stranger” in this family.

The second family is the Nielson family. Ulrich and Katherina are husband and wife. They have three children, Magnus, Martha, and Mikkel. Ulrich’s father, Toronto, is also a significant character that is important to remember.

The third family is Doppler’s, the part of which is Charlotte, her husband Peter, and two daughters, Franciska and Elizabeth. In this family, it is important to remember the role of Peter’s father, Helge Doppler.

The fourth family is Tiederman’s, which includes Alexander, his wife Regina, and son Bartosz. It is necessary to remember the role of Regina’s mother Claudia Tiederman in this family.

To understand these four families and their relationships is pivotal to grasp the concept and story of Dark. Because they are all connected in some way, whether today’s time, in the past period, or in the future, and when you understand their relationship. It will become easier for you to understand the journey of time.

The question is, how does time travel? Is it possible to get there just by typing the desired date in the time travel machine? Or is it possible to travel years back and forth through a cave? Or any wormhole made through the electronic wave created by the waste from a nuclear plant can make time travel possible? Or throwing a ball on the ground can change the time? For this, I am posting a picture that has been used for various time travel devices in the series.


DARK Season 1 And 2 Explained


This is a fiction series that has been made for human entertainment, but somewhere in it, it has been repeated over and over again that time is nothing, it is just a delusion.

Watch the series and give your opinion on what you understood and learned from it.



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