DARK Season 3 Explained By Danish A. Lohar

DARK Season 3
The Third Cycle | The Final Cycle

Confusions and Understanding Spoilers ahead

In the last scene of Dark, we saw Hannah, Katharina, Woeler, Regina, Peter, and Benni having dinner in a house. The question is, where did the rest of the people go? The simple answer to this is that when the Infinity loop was created in Origin World, all the people who were time travelers and were immortals also disappeared.

Infinity knot was created only for them. And those who died living the same life in these two worlds were not part of this knot at all, so they survived in the Original world … How?

The descendants of Jonas and Martha (Unknown)

Tronte was born of Unknown and Agnes. Tronte, and Jana gave birth to Ulrich. Magnus, Martha, and Mikkel were offsprings of Ulrick and Katharina.

Again Jonas took birth from Michael and Hannah. On the other side, Noah and Agnes were born of Bartosz and Silja, Charlotte to Noah and Elisabeth. Elisabeth and Francis were born again of Charlotte …

When the cycle broke, it meant that Bartosz didn’t go in the past, nor did Hannah. As a result, Selja’s birth was not likely to happen.

When Bartosz did not travel to the past and Selja was not born, Agnes and Noah ceased to exist. And so Regina, who died in both worlds, survived in the real world.

Infinity Knot

The second point is that Martha’s son, who appeared to us in three different forms and ages at the same time, was actually expressing Einstein’s view.

“The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

In fact, they were exhibiting the past, the present, and the future, and how the three periods appear in the same place at the same time. Like being free from the bondage of time and place. And if you look at the Dark logo, the infinity sign that has two angles, but here it has three angles. Adam named it “Triquetra” in the last episode.

Infinity Sign

The infinity symbol appeared several times in this series. The Infinity sign is similar to the eight and the Ouroboros sign is same too, like the one in which a snake is biting its own tail and the cycle keeps moving.All the characters in the season felt like the same snake that was trapped in the cycle.

Schrödinger’s Cat

When Tannhaus explains how Schrdinger’s cat can live and die, we can understand with his theory that how Claudia, who died in Season 2, came back. In one reality Claudia was alive, in another reality Claudia was dead. As several loops were running there, so it is not impossible to have everyone in each loop. Actually Claudia tells Adam about this glitch, in which moving out of any loop and go to another loop is imaginable.

Similarly, in one scene, Jonas was surprised to see Martha alive. He was the same Jonas who, according to Schrdinger’s cat theory, went to the basement, instead of going to an alternate reality with Martha. He never met Martha in Eva’s world.

Bootstrap Paradox

Since this season was on time travel, we’ve been revolving around this paradox that gets help from the future, and as current events move on, we’ve got a huge bootstrap paradox at the end of the finale. In which Tannhaus goes back in time and tries to save his family. As a result of this, the world of Adam and Eva is being created, where Jonas and Martha come from to save his son and daughter-in-law.

Meaning if the world of Adam and Eva had not been created, no help would have come and no one would have saved the Tannhaus family.

Adam and Eva

In season two different beliefs appear to get along with each other. First is the Christian belief about Adam and Eva. If we look closely at the paintings in Adam and Eva’s rooms, they have an apple in Eva’s hand that she was giving to Adam. Similar to this, When Martha came from another world to save Jonas, the time machine she had in her hand was like an apple. After eating this apple, Adam was taken out of his paradise, and Jonas was killed in Eva’s world.

The second is the Greek belief that Ariadne used a red thread to get Theseus out of the labyrinth, the same way Martha saved Jonas. The red thread was also used in the cave to help Jonas.

According to Greek mythology, Theseus later left Ariadne, after which Ariadne wept in his memory, Jonas also died in the alternate world. In the first and third seasons, we saw Martha perform the same Greek role in college…

By the way, the climax of Adam and Eva or Jonas and Martha reminds me of a quote from Rumi.

“Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field, I’ll meet you there.”


Claudia’s character was the most intriguing in this season. We couldn’t know until the end, on whom side she really was and what she wanted.

According to the beliefs mentioned above, Claudia was a snake from Christian belief, which prompted Eva to take and make Adam eat the forbidden fruit, which is a result that caused the two of them to face endless hardships and difficulties.

And according to Greek belief, Claudia’s character resembled that of Pandora, who had a box in which diseases, difficulties, and trials of all time were imprisoned, and Pandora, compelled by curiosity, opened the box. However, in the end, she somehow managed to close the box.

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