Ertugrul vs Game of Thrones

Since Long Ertugrul Is Being Aired On In Pakistan People Has Gone Crazy About It, And Comparing It With An Exceptional Season GOT, Comparative Review By Abid Bakht.


By the way, there is no competition between these two but we Pakistanis always consider it our duty to compare everything with other things. Like Babar Azam is better than Kohli. Ghalib is better than Mir. Iqbal was better than Goethe and Homer.
After Asif Sahib has written a column on Ertugrul, Pakistanis become very sensitive about Ertugrul. They are praising this season to the skies. Come on, it is all right. It is our nature to overreact to everything but leave the GOT out of it. Let’s talk about both today.

GOT is an imaginary story, fiction has nothing to do with the real world. Like Grandma’s night story, each of its characters is like a pearl which is important in the story. All the conversations that have taken place in Got are related to the story.
If someone is running, there is a reason, if someone is eating, there is a reason if someone is crying, there is a reason. Some nude scenes I personally think are trivial. I think the first season was a bit slow, nevertheless, the story was developing.

ertugrul vs game of thrones

One thing is for sure, the scenes and sequences they were trying to create, are hard to find in reality, and the visual effects were mindblowing. Speaking of fight scenes, GOT is on a higher level. “The Battle of Bastard” can be seen again and again and there are also the best fight scenes that have no competition. The background music of both seasons is equally awesome. Overall, GOT is a great package.

Now if we talk about Ertugrul No doubt, the extraordinary has been done here. Turkey has presented very good results in the medium of TV. It is often heard that boy, this is a drama based on real history, this is Islamic history, this is it. So, guys, be aware, this is also fiction.
Sometimes Ertugrul escapes execution, sometimes he is saved by a girl, sometimes Ibn Arabi revelates him, sometimes he pulls out a nail in his hand, sometimes he wanders miles away from home with his wife, and behind him, the enemy attacks the tribes, and he survives.

ertugrul vs game of thrones

The point is we must take it as a drama, not as our history. When it comes to scripting, it is a bit weak. There is a number of insignificant scenes. Women’s domestic disputes are much more dramatic than the Star Plus dramas. The story has been stretched too much because of Unnecessary scenes.
All actors did a great job, to criticize their work would be an injustice. Noor Gul, Ertugrul, Halima, Ustad Petrocho, Noyan, Shahnaz have all done justice to their roles. Fight scenes are very bad, absolutely useless. The way Noor gul Wield his ax is stunning. He reminds me of Vikings.

As far as effects are concerned, in the first 2 or 3 seasons, only 10 fighters fight each other. No major battles were seen, effects were not required there. The locations they used are not rare, there wasn’t much work needed. Their locations are easy to find.
There are a lot of emotional scenes and dialogues which are unpleasant, such as, “I will break your neck”, “I will drink your blood”, “we will destroy them”, “your death is written by me” and so on and so forth.

Conclusion: I also like Ertugrul very much like the rest of the people. There are many scenes that give goosebumps. Islamic traditions have been well shown. But the comparison with GOT is wrong because GOT shakes the brain.

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