Haider Movie Review

Bollywood Film Haider, One Of The Most Awaited Movies Of The Year 2014, Reviewed By Aqib Raza.

“There’s neither law nor order. It’s a land of “might is right”. Both India and Pakistan played “border, border” with us, neither India leaves us nor Pakistan.”
“Is there someone to ask us what we want? We’ll take freedom on this site, and we’ll take freedom on the other side. We’ll never stop until we’re free!”

It would not be wrong if we say that the whole movie revolves around this dialogue!
“When elephants (Pakistan and India) fight, it’s the grass (Kashmir) that suffers.”

The story starts from Haider (Shahid Kapoor) when he gets a message that he has to take revenge on his missing father from his mother and paternal uncle. His missing father is the person who sent this message!
Haider, who grew up with the dream of freedom, carries with him the sadness of his missing father as he grows up.

Haider, who can go to any extent to get freedom, becomes a part of a revenge game after finishing his studies. Indian Army kidnaps his father from home because he had helped a Kashmiri soldier. He is still missing.
One day, Haider gets a message from his father in which he tells Haider that his mother and uncle are responsible for what happened to me. And now you have to avenge me by shooting your uncle in the eyes. You have to shoot him in his eyes because he misled your mother! And as for your mother, I leave her matter to Allah.

A gun only knows about shooting; it provokes us to take revenge. No freedom can free us until we get freedom from our hate, the growing urge of taking revenge inside us. Always remember that if you take revenge, revenge will be taken on you! There’s no escape from this cycle of revenge until we decide that we do not want to be a part of this cycle anymore.

All the movies made on Kashmir Issue to date either show the perspective of Pakistan or the perspective of India. Haider is the movie that displays how the Kashmiris look at how they are being treated for long. It shows what Kashmiris wish for, and what they want. The movie neither supports the Pakistani perspective, nor the Indian.

All that we see in this movie is the perspective of people of Kashmir, and that’s the reason why I liked this movie. I found this movie very interesting. Shahid Kapoor and Tabbu did extraordinary acting, and although Irfan khan has a cameo in the movie, he also left his mark. Two songs I liked the most were “Gul’ on main rang bhary” and “Bismil.” Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, it is one of the best movies of Shahid Kapoor’s career. It is an extraordinary movie! Do watch it; you won’t regret this choice!

Movie: Haider
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
IMDb Rating: 8.1/10


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