Halime Sultan Has Found Her No 1

Esra Bilgic, who has won millions of hearts in Pakistan as Halime Sultan is to become the face of the country.

The lead actress of show-stopping Turkish series Ertugrul: Resurrection, Esra Bilgiç better known as Halime Sultan has tweeted that she will start a project with Mobilink Jazz, a leading Pakistani cellular network. Themed in stunning red ( as this being a symbolic color of the brand), Bilgiç posted her gorgeous picture with the caption: “I think its time to tell the world #Dunyakobatado #JazzSuper4G”.



Bilgiç also tweeted, “I found my no.1 in Pakistan,” separately which once shocked her whole fanbase in Pakistan as they thought it might have been related to her personal life.



But, soon these speculations were put to an end when Jazz announced “Looks like we found our number one too!” on their official Instagram.



Rumors were already spreading about the possible collaboration between Esra Bilgiç and Pakistani brands after the Turkish Series has become one of the biggest hit in Pakistan soon after its broadcast was started on countries state-run Pakistan Television.


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