How To Lose Weight With A Desk Job – 3 Best Ways

Almost everyone is having a person in the home who is working from home due to this COVID- 19 and also due to the world becoming digital which leads to more sitting on the computer than usual. So, if you have gained a couple of kilos and planning to lose weight for your cousin’s wedding plus don’t have time to go to the gym then you are at the right place to find how to lose weight with a desk job.

Also, after long working hours, it’s hard to find the energy to go for a workout when the family is waiting for dinner. Now, don’t regret that festival eating toll on your body and the chocolate you ate after a stressful day at work, accept the challenge of losing weight and staying in shape because the time is now. Also, be ready to learn more about my secret fat burning drink in the end. Observe the following four steps to fit in that dress of your dreams and olala the relatives and friends.

1.  Work on your eating habit

  1. Drink lots and lots of water because this will flush your extra fat out of your body. Follow the 8*8 rule recommended by most dieticians.
  2. Plan weekly lunches as this will not only save your time but also stop you from junk eating.
  3. Have a healthy breakfast as this is the cornerstone of the day.
  4. Take an evening healthy snack to avoid junk food before dinner.
  5. Read the food labels to understand the calorie intake per serving.

How To Lose Weight With A Desk Job

Now the question is how to do this. Follow my motivational tips to eat healthy to change your eating habits as I did to mine. Take your water bottle and drink sip by sip throughout the day and a lot near break time so you don’t have to go to the restroom often during work.

Go to the washroom located on other floors and take the stairs to have some walk. Try to leave your cards and cash in the office locker or the car (If safe) to avoid going to the vending machine for junk food. Keep your healthy snacks with you like nuts, fruits, yogurt, and salads. Make a clean eating grocery list to challenge your metabolism. Guys, eating healthy is one thing but it won’t work alone you have to move that muscle of yours too.

2.  Stretch throughout the day

Want to be more energized and engaging at your workspace? Follow these simple foolproof stages

  1. Forget the elevator, take the stairs
  2. Walk around the hallway
  3. Park your car a block away
  4. Introduce the concept of active meeting

Now your mind must be saying WHAT how can these steps help well if you follow them you will walk along the day while losing fat without losing your job. Stroll around or take your phone call outside (if there is data) to answer your client query and having your “me fitness time” also. Therefore, I would highly recommend investing in a good Bluetooth to have great communication while moving your arms.

Whenever you have a one to one meeting don’t choose a café and restaurant, instead, opt for a walk while discussing. Follow some desk exercises after the completion of each task and take deep breaths to meditate.

Now, I found a perfect article just for you to lose 500 calories by following a survey result. Is it looking difficult while working on a computer? Keep on reading if you want to lose weight rapidly and efficiently in the next step or section which is about how to improve smart computer habits.

3.  Smart computer habits

Avoid tension neck syndrome by moving your neck left, right, and upside down. Use eye comfort features on your desktop, turn the brightness a little down and run your eyes in a circle. Maintain good posture by tightening your belly muscles and straighten your shoulders.

Does that inspire you? Move ahead and try to have your table near the window to have a live look or have a nature painting in front of you to feel the freshness. The millionaire question is how the heck that helps to lose weight, so fellows weight lost is a journey of attaining small milestones of healthy living. A happy self produces hormones to encourage the body to lose weight. Don’t you agree, read this.

4. Secret drink recipe

  1. Add half a teaspoon of each coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, and carom seeds in two glasses of water. Boil for a minute and strain the seeds. Add honey if you want to and drink it warm.
  2. Lemon and honey in warm water are good to take as soon as you wake up. If you have acidity try taking apple cider vinegar in warm water with little honey.
  3. A pinch of cinnamon with a teaspoon of tukh malanga in room temperature water is not only refreshing in summer but provides a feeling on a full stomach which results in less eating. Take at least two times a day.

So now, are you eager and ready to lose those 10 pounds as a starter in a month with your desk job then go, buddies! You can do it.  Cheers to you all.

In a nutshell

Lastly, if you are really up to weight loss, be consistent in everything you do. All the quick lose fat methods usually result in weight gain later as you stop using them. Changing lifestyle and thinking before eating is the only way to maintain life long results. It’s ok to eat that donut which your colleague brought in as treat but take two extra rounds around the parking lot before getting in the car.

There are many methods to lose weight but I focus on those which are free and affordable to every person whether boss or employee to work towards in any workplace. Now, don’t excuse yourself by saying “I don’t have time”. Most importantly, obesity is becoming a big-time problem as for many people they don’t understand that stress eating while working long hours needs their conscious attention to work on.

Don’t let your job take away your self beauty, control portion size, and stand tall today to take out time for yourself. Have a happy weight loss journey.


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