Korean Dramas On Netflix You Can’t Miss To Watch

If you have no movies left to watch, as I did, then I am here to help you. After watching almost every famous title one might get bored. The best remedy for this is to try seasons/dramas, while dramas might be a bit lengthy, but the long duration makes us more involved and attached to the characters. It gives the writers enough time to do proper character development and show their whole story without rushing.

What if you have watched all famous English shows as well then here is a list of K-dramas which I tried and loved, well you might have second thoughts regarding Korean dramas, so here are some points which might persuade you in the k-drama universe

Here is a list of Korean Dramas on Netflix you must watch

Crash Landing on You

A paragliding accident causes south Korean girl Yoon Se‑ri played by Son Ye‑jin, to land in North Korea where an army officer Ri Jung Hyuk portrayed by Hyun Bin finds her, and then both their lives change forever. The story starts gripping the viewers right from the beginning and then before you know it you get emotionally attached to all the characters.

The k-drama includes everything you might ever want from a drama that is  Romance, action, thrill to sudden twists. While the acting is impressive the cinematography is also top-notch like every other top k-drama. Its end is gonna leave some impression on your mind at least some time, its finale episode is the highest rated k drama episode.



It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Its okay to not be okay is a recent Netflix k-drama about a Narcissistic writer.   K Moon‑Young portrayed by Seo Oye‑Ji, a psychiatric male nurse Moon Gang‑Tae played by Kim Soo‑Hyun and his mentally challenged brother Moon Sang‑Tae.

This drama quickly gained all the right attention with its unique story and a new perspective. The characters have many layers and their stories slowly reveal their pain and suffering. Everyone is connected, the main character Seo Ye‑Ji Ko and his brother have lost their mother which makes Moon Sang-Tae disturbed and worsens his mental condition, causing him to behave like a child.

Almost every episode comes with a unique lesson. Each character by the end of the story evolves into a better version of themselves and the viewers enjoy this journey of betterment thoroughly. Everyone in the cast particularly Oh Jung‑Se portraying the role of Moon Sang‑Tae has done a fabulous job. You can’t ask for something better than this.



Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

 If you think Korean dramas lack superheroes, well there is one to prove you wrong. Its a South Korean drama starring  Park Bo-young as the woman whose family has a secret superpower, running only in females. She crosses paths with Ahn min hyuk CEO of a famous Korean Gaming company.

He witnesses her superpowers and hires her as his personal bodyguard, while also helping her discover her powers better. Though this might seem like a typical Korean rich boy poor girl romance drama, there’s more to the story. It is certainly not the best Korean drama out there but if you have nothing to watch you can try this for a change.



What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

 It’s a romantic comedy k-drama based on a novel of the same title When secretary Kim played by Park Min‑young decides to resign from her job, where she has been working for the past 9 years her antisocial boss, Park Seo‑Joon, starts looking for the reason behind it. Well after knowing the reason behind her resignation he starts trying not to let her go. Soon she starts wondering whether her past and her present are interconnected.

Things get complicated when a narcissist and a secretary get involved in-office romance. It might seem a bit cheesy at times but that’s the key ingredient of all Korean romantic comedies. Even if you don’t smile on some of the comedy scenes you will surely end up smiling, so give it a shot.


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