Malena (2000) | A Movie Review

Malena (2000),  A Masterpiece, Which Practically Has The Whole Lot; A Few Humorous Moments, A Few Touching Ones. A Movie Review By Abid Bakht.

Man’s life is often spent in the thought of what effect his presence would have on other people. Apparently we all say that nowadays one has enough time to interfere in the lives of others, but we somehow trying to influence the lives of others.
We want that, People work according to our wishes. So-and-so person talks a lot, he should keep quiet. So-and-so girl has done a lot of make-up. That person got a better job and now has changed his attitude. And, If a girl in a family has charming looks, everyone in the family considers it necessary to discuss her habits.

There is another aspect of jealousy that is innate in every person. We make the other person the subject of discussion because we are jealous of him. The film, which came out in 2000, is also about a girl named Malena who is the prettiest girl in her town. When she walks through the streets people would do everything to catch a glimpse of her.
The walkers would stop, women, elderly, even young boys would stand in her way to observe her. Everybody would talk about her, some would call her the goddess of beauty, some would call her wicked, young boys would try to sleep, imagining her.

Nevertheless, women were totally against her. They think that this sinful girl is spoiling the intentions of their men. But Malena didn’t care about all this. She sees and hears everything but never pays attention. The focus of her life was her home and her husband who was a warrior.

Then the story changes color and World War II begins. Everything starts to change but people are still focusing on Malena. Meanwhile, news comes that Malena’s husband who fought in the war has been killed. And The accident took Malena’s life by storm.

Malena is fired from her job. People who used to look at her only with lustful eyes now started coming to her house. People’s talk increased. If anyone went to Malena’s house, it was thought that she was Malena who invited him in. Malena is now rumored to be entertaining the men of the whole town.

Everyone’s intentions were getting worse after seeing Malena alone. And in the end, what happens is that a jealous person can do.
That was the story of the main character of the film. The film also features a 13-year-old boy who apparently likes Malena like the rest of the boys, but if you look at the character, you can see a lot of depth. A thirteen-year-old boy has been seen growing up and you will notice that. The boy’s love and the maturity of that love are amazing.

The film also compares a single woman and a woman living with a man. How important a man is in a woman’s life The beauty of Monica in the film is worth watching. The story can be seen many times for the beauty of  Monica. The background music of the film is excellent. Although there are many adult scenes in the film Serious moviegoers should definitely watch this movie.

Movie: Malena
Genre: Romance, War
IMDB rating: 7.5/10

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