Mental Health Issues Emerging Due To COVID-19

Just a few times ago nobody knows that the world will suffer that much of pandemic. Nobody imagined that we have face terrible health and economic recession. Now, The whole world is under the fear of Rapacious virus, Mental health issues emerging due to COVID-19 and that is our key concern.

Lots of countries reported a high level of mental crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Jonathan Porteus, Ph.D. said,

“Our society is definitely in a collective state of trauma”.

Stress, fear, and worries are major responses of normal people during Pandemic moreover, people are facing some lower level of depression. It’s normal when the whole world is in trauma hence, types of mental disorders are the biggest concern.

Here we are addressing about Top mental health issues emerging Due to COVID-19:

The feeling of being vulnerable to virus, Health of our families, being isolated, lack of control over the spread of disease, increase in several cases, shortage of medical care units are some common factors responsible for causing loneliness and helplessness, automatically leads to depression, anxiety, fatigue, and mental trauma.

These all are types of emotional disorders.

Economic instability will cause unemployment due to pandemic causing immunodepression also lead to grief, stress, and anxiety.

Restricted Activities Due to COVID-19:

Our movements and physical activities are restricted. We all are working from home and homeschooling, temporary unemployment Furthermore, we don’t even touch our beloved one these are conditions creating the worst mental effects.

Lockdown and social distancing creating adverse psychiatric effects. The use of social media and many social apps like zoom, Whats app does not meet the needs of in-person human contact. Instead, creating moderate depressive symptoms in current situations.

Emerging Mental impacts on patients:

Covid-19 will produce major impacts on Recovered Patients. Experts notice PTSD Symptoms that are related to depression are common in recovered patients. This is due to the pressure of disease and isolation in a tough time.

Alcohol consumption:

Just because of depression and unemployment people start consuming alcohol and worsen their mental conditions.

Financial situations, a community you are living, and emotional background all these factors matter a lot in the pandemic. You know everyone reacts differently in all these situations.

Pre-Existing mental issues:

People having a pre-existing mental health issue can attempt suicide in such conditions.

So, Pandemic emerge suicidal issues, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders. Additionally, Coronavirus Outbreak produces some strange mental stress over them. They feel panic attacks, suicidal idealization, mood problems, boredom, frustration, marginalization, uncertainty, stigmatization, and ambivalence.

Bottom lines:

We all want more investment over mental health care facilities to overcome emerging issues due to COVID-19. This is a wake-up call for all of us to beware about human capacities and invest something our it. Hence, the high prevalence of rare mental disorders including, suicidal attempts, and insomnia in every country. so, that is the responsibility of health care agencies and the government to monitor mental health awareness campaigns, ensuring a healthy mental environment.


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