Misapprehension About Eid-Al-Adha Among Non-Muslims

First of all, you must know that Eid-Al-Adha is about sacrifice and not about eating non-veg alone. And, Muslims are not the biggest consumers of meat around the globe (It is the US, China, and Brazil respectively). In fact, there are many vegetarians Muslims in the world.

In the current era, as most of the world is being slowly taken over by “far righters” who happen to control the media as well (unfortunately), Eid-Al-Adha, is being used to instigate venomous propaganda and hatred towards Muslim communities in the world. This promotes violent Islamophobia eventually.

The Arabic word Adha translates to the ‘festival of the sacrifice’. So, the Eid-Al-Adha revolves around a significant historical event when Prophet Abraham was asked by Almighty to offer his dearest belonging in sacrifice i.e. his son. The Prophet accepts the command of God, which he later finds out as merely a test. And, eventually, he offers a sheep to fulfill His command. Hence, this tradition is continued till date to commemorate the gesture of such a supreme submission.


In recent years, the notion that the Muslims devour meat and beef like cannibals is being projected with evil intentions by those whose life depends upon the cultivation of hatred and violence.
To answer, this little fact is enough that the meat industry in the world is controlled by Non-Muslims. They make billions by slaughtering animals to feed the rich and elites.
Muslims do exactly opposite to this. They buy animals through their own hard-earned money, they offer them as a sacrifice on the day of Eid (Muslim slaughtering methods are hygienic for both i.e. consumer as well as the sacrificial animal), and then they distribute the meat to a less privileged class of the community who could never have meat products throughout the year.

Isn’t this amazing, how beautifully the whole community is benefited and get fed through a religious event.
So, stop believing hater mongers and embrace harmony. And you can also enjoy the festivity of the event if you don’t like meat.


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