Motivation On How To Lose Weight Using Smart Goals

Before even you start working on your goals, it is essential to motivate yourself so you won’t quit in the mid of what you have been doing so far. Hence, today in this article you’ll get to know about Motivation on how to lose weight using smart goals. So stay tuned and read till the end until or unless you get what you have been looking for and benefit from the strategies discussed by applying it to your life.

Motivation is not only about cheering yourself up, but it makes you realize what the reason behind what you want to achieve or do in your life practically is. Your motives are the source of knowing who you want to be in the future. So choose and think wisely.

Motivation is a stimulus that once sensed, and your brain starts functioning according to it. It is an inspiration that compels or pushes you towards your aim. It gives you the strength and positive set of mind to pave your way towards your destination without you being bothered about how much or for how long you are going to be challenged with the obstacles in your way.

Have you noted why some people get up early to work on weekends? Why do some people take their work very seriously and do the best job they can? Why do some donate their blood silently? Why do some people keep themselves away from rewards and medals? It is noted that, whether it is at the workplace, in the classroom, or any other field of life, a man is motivated either intrinsically or extrinsically. Both of these types of motivations have been discussed below:


1. Inherently Motivated: Work can be intrinsically motivated when an individual is genuinely interested in the job to be done without the intention of getting some external reward. When someone does something just for the sake of pleasure or satisfaction, such an action is known to be motivated intrinsically or internally.

So keeping in this view, you should motivate yourself intrinsically. Though you are not going to be paid for reducing your weight yet, you’ll feel better about yourself once you do it. You won’t have to worry about being chastised for having high pressure.

Also, the skinny Outfits that you’ll wear would look good on you, leaving people astonished. Though you’ll have to give up eating much of your favorite stock and develop a habit of being active than before, yet you are going to get a big reward for that in return. So do not be bereaved about what you’re going to quit, just focus on getting what you have been dreaming of.

You would have heard no pain, no gain. Remember, one has to suffer grief to gain. So instead of being afraid of the hardship, try to stand firm and resolute and keep on moving until you reach your destination.

Hence, before you start your journey of losing weight, keep the achievement in your mind so nothing would stop you in the mid of your journey. You can also work on your attitude as it would also assist in motivating you. Start working on your attitude by changing the way you feel or think about yourself. Take yourself seriously.

Respect and love yourself for whatever you are irrespective of how people treat you and think of you. Nobody knows you very well as you know yourself. So first of all, you have to overlook whatever people have been telling you about yourself. Wall off all the negative impressions and make new optimistic self-image for yourself. Then all you have to do is to stick to that very image of yours at any cost.

2.Extrinsically Motivated: An individual is said to be extrinsically motivated when he acts to get an external reward rather than personal interest or pleasure. It is easy to differentiate between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

For instance, you want to reduce your weight just for the sake of protecting yourself from getting some life risky medical illnesses; then, you are said to be extrinsically motivated. On the other hand, if you are working on losing your weight to look good, then you are said to be motivated intrinsically.

As per extrinsic motivation is concerned, one can get motivated extrinsically by fearing the consequences of not controlling his or her abrupt increasing weight. Now that you are motivated enough to run on a journey with the sole purpose of a weight-reduction plan, it is the right time to establish a goal in a systematic and organized manner.


You would have heard of SMART goals, which is an acronym. It is the most reliable and effective way of setting and achieving one’s purpose. Let’s see how we can use this strategy for our weight-reduction plan.


1.Specific: Your goal should be accurate. It means that you try to explain what exactly you want to achieve rather than telling it in broader terms. For instance, if you decide to lose some of your weight, don’t repeat the idea as the way it invoked you. Instead of it, mention of the pounds that you want to reduce. This formula applies to all other situations and routine tasks as well.

Defining goals in broader terms signal the human brain to panic, and people eventually end up indulging themselves in something else that drives pleasure rather than pain. Hence, it is better to define your goal specifically in precise terms rather than going for explaining it extensively. Thus, check out your latest weight and note down as to how many pounds you would like to scale down accurately.

2. Measurable: By measuring here means to keep a record of what you have been doing and the results you got accordingly. Keeping a journal for such a purpose is a great idea, but you cannot rely on it for recording minute details.

So it’s better to install an app for keeping track of whatever you eat, drink, and the time you sleep or wake, the weight you gain or lose, the minutes of your physical inactivity or being active, etc. All such data can be recorded within one single app. It will also act as a source of motivation for you and would keep you updated about your progress so you won’t lose track of your efforts and time.

Though you’ll find a variety of health apps on play store, yet Samsung Health app is acknowledged to be a highly recommended and useful app that contributes to keeping track of various daily life rituals.

3. Achievable: No matter how much you’re struggling to attain your goal, if it isn’t set right according to your caliber, all your efforts are in vain. Make sure you take a small start rather than big ones at a first round.

It is nearly impossible to develop significant changes within you at once. Nothing changes instantly. Everything takes its time. So don’t panic. Take a small step and adapt to long-term success rather than taking short cuts and ending up in the valley of chaos.

People are generally very excited at the beginning of starting their journey, and that excitement intervenes in making inappropriate decisions hastily, which results in the success that doesn’t last long. Consequently, one must strive to stay calm and humble for achieving the goal.

Think of the strategy that is attainable for you losing the weight. For instance, do not be so strict about your diet plan that you may strive to death. Also, set your work out time for about 30 to 60 minutes per day. Do not exceed this limit as an excess of everything is dangerous, and it may harm you.

Moreover, people generally ask others as to how they are managing their weight so they can also benefit themselves by imitating others. But this approach isn’t productive enough, though. Instead, an individual should seek to trace his strengths and weaknesses himself so he can figure out the problem and solution to it wisely without being dependent or misguided.

In addition to it, a person himself better knows how he can cope with a problem that he is facing. Similarly, we may get to meet the same issues, but you would see everyone on their behalf would treat it differently according to their own set of beliefs, caliber, and experience.

Have you ever thought human beings are created having the same appearance but having different races, cultures, religions, languages, rituals, etc.? So why don’t we give up the idea of imitating others? Maybe the way someone else is coping with the same situation as yours drives positive outcomes for them, but nothing good for you. Thereupon, think of the strategies that are achievable enough for your goal.

4. Relevant: This scheme will help you with making a suitable weight loss diet plan that is of common interest to you. Also, it would help you in selecting exercising games that you may feel comfortable with and enjoy doing it.

Let’s say if you have come up with a weight-reduction plan that is against your will or sounds uninteresting to you, you will end up being exhausted instantly. Hence, adding activities of your interest would attract you naturally.

Bethink, the plan that you set up for your weight loss should be relatable enough so you can act upon it efficiently. Though everything is posted on websites online, we can get help from there in an instant, yet it is better to take control of your life in your own hands.

Verily we can get some ideas from the information being shared online, but one should stave off acting upon precisely what has been mentioned previously. Life is meant to be experienced individually. So don’t merely pass by the locked doors that are intended to be opened by you out of the idea that when some entries are already opened, why not go from there? Try to make use of every opportunity that leads you to a different way of exploring something new.

 5. Time-Bound: If you have decided so far how much weight you have to reduce down, now it is essential to fix a time limit to achieve your target goal. Giving deadlines for the accomplishment of a task would develop a sense of responsibility and competence within you. It is better to set deadlines as it would also assist you in becoming punctual and avoiding procrastination.

For instance, set a fixed time of doing a particular exercise at least for about 2 to 3 minutes. Likewise, if a fixed time set of 2 to 3 minutes is applied to a maximum of each six different sets of activities per day would drive effective results within a short period. Once you feel motivated enough to start your journey for getting rid of extra pounds of weight, you will be able to draw out a SMART Goal of your own to take a new and active initiative.

Conclusion: In light of the above discussion, it is concluded that motivation and planning is the key to success. It drives you towards achieving your goals in a meaningful way and boosts you up to face the obstacles courageously coming in your way of feat.

Also, only planning or setting forth your goals won’t help you achieve your objectives. Do not solely rely on SMART goals if you want to lose your weight, but you will also have to keep track of the diet and work out to beat off extra pounds of weight.

Moreover, be patient while you are on your way of achieving your goals because you might not get results at an instance. You will have to work hard and motivate yourself to act consistently. Your patience, hard work, devotion, and consistency will help you succeed. So do not haste or go for adopting short cuts because there are no short cuts to success and even if there are, it won’t last long.


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