Saqi-E-Bawafa By Saakin


Sakin band is not very old. So far I have heard only three songs of this band, one of which has been released with the official video, That is “Saqi-E-Bawafa“. I suggest you listen to its live version too on True Brew. It has more feelings. I heard, that ten …

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7 Days In Entebbe Review By Abid Bakht

7 Days In Entebbe Review

A 2018 film based on a true event occurred in  1976. The hijacking of a flight from Tel Aviv to Paris, 7 Days In Entebbe Review By Abid Bakht. Thankfully, not as many incidents have happened in India and Pakistan as the number of films has been made on Pak-India …

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The Man From Earth (2007) | A Movie Review By Gul Abeer

The Man From Earth

The Man From Earth (2007) is a story about an incomprehensible man who wants to quietly escape after completing ten years as a university teacher. But he gets fed up with the constant questions from his fellow colleagues and reveals a secret about himself. Which is hard to believe. Professor …

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The Master (2012) | A Movie Review By Gul Abeer

The Master Movie Explained

Let’s talk about one of the best movies of 2012, “The Master” which has been nominated for Oscars for Best Lead Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. Also has won more than fifteen other awards out of which, Supporting Actor (Philip Seymour Hoffman) has won many. I can’t …

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Tomorrow Is Never Guaranteed To Anyone

Tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone

Abdo comes back with the 2nd part of his series “Darkness Is My Ally”, which is a fictional depiction of  Tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone. Life Is Uncertain, And Death Is Inevitable Tomorrow Is Never Guaranteed To Anyone You Never Know What Turn It Is Going To Take.   …

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Ertugrul vs Game of Thrones

ertugrul vs game of thrones

Since Long Ertugrul Is Being Aired On In Pakistan People Has Gone Crazy About It, And Comparing It With An Exceptional Season GOT, Comparative Review By Abid Bakht.   By the way, there is no competition between these two but we Pakistanis always consider it our duty to compare everything …

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Malena (2000) | A Movie Review

Malena (2000)

Malena (2000),  A Masterpiece, Which Practically Has The Whole Lot; A Few Humorous Moments, A Few Touching Ones. A Movie Review By Abid Bakht. Man’s life is often spent in the thought of what effect his presence would have on other people. Apparently we all say that nowadays one has …

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Haider Movie Review

Haider Movie Review

Bollywood Film Haider, One Of The Most Awaited Movies Of The Year 2014, Reviewed By Aqib Raza. “There’s neither law nor order. It’s a land of “might is right”. Both India and Pakistan played “border, border” with us, neither India leaves us nor Pakistan.” “Is there someone to ask us …

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The Gunfighter (2014)

The Gunfighter Movie Review

Are You Keen on Reading Reviews on Films? Read This Epic Review by Film Critic Gul Abeer | Movie: The GunFighter The Western comedy movie The gunfighter begins when a cowboy enters a bar and the narrator’s voice is heard. “The weary gunfighter walked slowly through the saloon.”The characters in …

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What’s Gone is Gone, Do Not Seek Revenge

What's Gone is Gone Do Not Seek Revenge

Abdo is an author and he came up with this short story titled “What’s Gone is Gone, Do Not Seek Revenge”, He is a fiction writer and writes stories on imaginary characters. This is the first part of his series “Darkness Is My Ally”. more episodes are coming to your …

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