Pregnancy Symptoms And Fetus Development


The purpose of this study is to provide data collected at the onset of pregnancy symptoms and fetus development process week by week. Two hundred and twenty-one women who tried to conceive had daily records of pregnancy symptoms. About 90% of women who have a successful pregnancy have PML symptoms within eight weeks. Even pregnancies lost before six weeks are sometimes symptomatic. The first symptoms appear only after the main stages of fetal development, which increases the need for women to start healthy behavior before pregnancy.


Signs of Pregnancy

  • Soft Chest: The breasts are often the first part of the body that receives the message when the sperm meets the egg. When estrogen levels start to rise, some women’s breasts feel painful, sore, and painful during pregnancy. These changes do not look very different compared to PMS. Changes continue after a missed period.
  • Darkening Areolas: Within a few weeks of conception, you may notice that your Darkening Areolas and increase in diameter. You can also find a little cool on your Areolas. Both changes can only be recorded until pregnancy. However, it can take weeks for these early pregnancy symptoms to appear, and not all women will notice it.
  • Fatigue: During the first four months of pregnancy, you may feel lethargic and sleepy. However, if dizziness occurs, it may also indicate that you have PMS, are not competent, or are not getting enough sleep.
  • Nausea: A few days after conception, a wave of new pregnancy hormones can make you feel unwell, and after four weeks, if you are six weeks pregnant, nausea makes your headache. Again, not everyone gets sick; It can also be a sign of premenstrual syndrome, abdominal pain, or else food poisoning.
  • Smell Sensitivity: Some newly pregnant women report an increase in the sense of smell early on due to the rise in estrogen levels. Again, a sharp nose than a typical nose may be a side effect of PMS. As all women know, it is one of the most desirable symptoms of PMS, but gas and bloating can also be a sign of pregnancy-related progesterone, which slows digestion.
  • Urine Frequency: If you suddenly find that you always need to urinate, it may be an early sign of pregnancy before menstruation. Two weeks after conception, by the time you usually get your period, your kidneys are ready to filter out the extra waste in the baby’s blood, and growing uterus also compresses your bladder and increases your progesterone levels, which means you; need to urinate more or less frequently during pregnancy.
  • Increased Basal Body Temperature: If you have already recorded your temperature, you will know that it usually increases the duration of ovulation when the progesterone level increases. They both fall off when you menstruate. However, if you become pregnant, your body temperature will rise during ovulation during pregnancy.
  • Cervical mucus: Have you become a student of your cervical mucus? So give it a try now. If it turns creamy and remains intact after ovulation, this is a good sign that you have a positive pregnancy test.


What Take place in 1-2 Weeks?

  • First of all, it’s the first two weeks of your cycle.
  • Time is your time
  • About two weeks ago, the very mature egg left the uterus.
  • Ovulation can occur sooner or later, depending on the length of the cycle.
  • The regular menstrual cycle for men is 28
  • After this, the egg migrates from fallopian tubes to the
  • When the eggs lay the sperm, they stick. This is called fertilization.
  • Ovarian fertility can occur if sex is not protected within six days, counting the day of ovulation.


What Take place in 3-4 Weeks?

  • The fertilized egg will flow through the fallopian tubes and divide continuously into cells.
  • Reach the uterus 3-4 days after fertilization
  • The cells that separate the cells into a sphere floating under the uterus for 2-3 days.
  • When pregnancy begins when the ball cells are attached to the wall of the uterus
  • This vaccination is called implantation.
  • Usually 3-4 weeks after six days of pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy does not occur even if the sperm fertilizes the egg.
  • Before the planting is complete, the body’s fertilizer will leave half and eggs.


What Take place in 5-6 Weeks?

  • The core is less than 4-5 mm.
  • The heart first develops the heartbeat, and the circulatory system produces.
  • Hands-on hands and feet form gems.
  • The urinary tract begins to form.
  • The ends of the umbilical cord begin to form.


What Take place in 7-8 Weeks?

  • The liver forms a heart.
  • He developed fingers and toes.
  • Her hands were crossed on her elbows.
  • New ears, eyes, eyelids, liver, and upper lips begin to form.
  • H In the seventh or eighth week, not all fetuses have male or female organs.
  • When stimulation stimulates the development of genetic tests, the fetus becomes a biological person.
  • No, without stimulation, the fetus develops ovaries and becomes biologically playful.


What Take place in 9-10 Weeks?

  • The bacteria developed in the fetus ten to ten weeks ago.
  • It is more 1-1.5 inches.
  • 21 to 40 MM Long.
  • The tail of the ear disappears.
  • The fingers also develop o$ the fingers and toes.
  • The umbilical cord connects the umbilical cord to the placenta.
  • The placenta connects to the uterus and absorbs nutrients from the bloodstream.


What Take place in Weeks 11-12?

  • The fetus is now restrained as of the maximum of the skull to the uterus.
  • All three cores have a CRL of 6 to 7.5 cm.
  • Fingers and nails have no tissue.
  • His legs began to tighten.
  • The skin of the nails and nails has started to grow.
  • Hormone-induced hormonal changes indicate the external genitalia as female or male.
  • The fetus begins to move quickly.
  • The kidneys begin to urinate.
  • Sweat glands appear first.
  • Our cards are connected.



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