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Project Power is a Netflix, comic book-like, crime action movie, starring Jamie Foxx (the major), Joseph Gordon (frank shaver), andDominique Fishback (Robin Reilly). 

The whole plot revolves around power pills, derived from animal DNA, which once taken can give the person a superpower for 5 minutes. The main idea of a pill or some formula used to give superpower is not a new one and we are all at least familiar with one such movie or show where the same concept was used, then why to bother watching this well that’s a decision you will make for yourself once you are done reading this detailed review (might contain a few spoilers).

The movie starts with a guy, who later turns out to be the main distributor and creator of these power pills, hiring his dealers. His plan is to make it famous city after city in current case NEW ORLEANS and when it gets the right attention to cash it. Then we meet the main characters Joseph Gordon (frank shaver), who is trying to do his job, but with the wrong PILLS. His supplier is a high school teenage girl who feels left out by society.

Meanwhile, we have Jamie Foxx (the major) kicking the shit out of bad guys and trying to find his daughter who was kidnapped by the company behind this whole pill business. He only has one goal and he is not shy to break the law to achieve it. He slowly builds a reputation among his enemies and they start running from him. While the pill is doing wonders authorities ignore it completely keeping the public in the dark, money keeps their mouths shut and wallets full.


Project Power
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One of these crooked officials is the Police Captain of NOPD, who sends the detective Gordon on a wild goose chase behind the major, saying that he is the main source of all power pills or in other words, he is the root of all evil here. Fate makes Gordon and Majors paths collide when major follows a lead on a dealer who turns out to be Robin, she cooperates with him after some struggle and later realizes that he is not the bad guy, but just a desperate father in search of his daughter who is also not afraid to do anything to save her.

They develop a friendly relationship and this is when Gordon and major meet and major makes him realize after some hustle that they are both on the same side. They join forces and takeout the bad guys and save majors, daughter.


Project Power
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The main idea is not very unique, but what seemed like an interesting first half is ruined by the shallow and abrupt second half. Well, what’s the benefit of these pills if an ex-military guy Is single-handedly going to beat your ass, or your body might not except this pill and resulting in your death. The pills should have been more overpowered to make their value good and make it interesting.

This is one of the reasons why this film is rated 2.5/4 on rotten tomatoes and 6/10 on IMDB. The VFX and some strong acting skills from the cast make it a better movie, but lazy writing and generic action plot hinder it from becoming a great movie.

Its predictable story and lack of plot twists made me lose my interest. It’s good that even during these times of un-predictability there is still something which we can predict and enjoy. We get some Dark Knight vibes from the character of Joseph Gordon-Levitt riding his bike and fighting the crime.

When I read that Netflix is releasing a new action movie played by a black actor my first guess was Dwayne Johnson(The Rock ), well they chose Jamie Foxx who did a nice job, It’s good to know that Hollywood is evolving or action movies in specific are evolving.

I personally prefer movies with a unique plot and gripping story where I can’t allow myself the luxury of checking my phone in-between, but all in all, it’s a nice family-friendly action movie, if you want a great movie then this might be a tough pill to swallow and you could try The Old Guard where Charlize Theron, as always did not disappoint.

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