5 Most Hated Characters Of Harry Potter

Most Hated Characters Of Harry Potter

Harry Potter Series has a special place in all of our childhood memories. We all have grown up loving and hating its characters. JK Rowling has a unique talent for creating such characters which have left a constant impression on all of our minds. Inspired by the magic of the …

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Mirzapur Season 2 Is All Set To Appear On Amazon Prime

Mirzapur Season 2

If something fulfills the true definition of a drama enveloping a fast-paced action thriller with mind-boggling twists it surely is the Amazon Prime series Mirzapur. Mirzapur Season 1 Pankaj Tripathi never ceases to amaze with his stellar performances and this fact is brought home with this role of Akhandanand Tripathi …

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Churails Review | Pakistani Web Series


Welcome to Pakistan If you are cooked up by the Saas bahu, Nand Bhawaj, Sokun’s conspiracies, Toofani muhabbat, love triangles, and wailing of innocent delicate women, then, brilliance, action, and eminence of the “Churails” Performances await you. After a great film like “Cake“, Asim Abbasi, the creator of this series …

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Cursed (2020) | A Netflix Original Series


Cursed is a Netflix Original Series based on the novel of Tom Wheeler and Frank Mille, set in the time before king author wielded the sword of power or It can be considered a feminist version of the legend of king author but is it as good as the original …

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DARK Season 3 Explained By Danish A. Lohar

Dark Season 3

DARK Season 3 The Third Cycle | The Final Cycle Confusions and Understanding Spoilers ahead In the last scene of Dark, we saw Hannah, Katharina, Woeler, Regina, Peter, and Benni having dinner in a house. The question is, where did the rest of the people go? The simple answer to …

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The Spy Netflix Review

The Spy Netflix Review

The Spy Netflix Review By Aqib Raza, A 2019 Mini Series.   Last night I watched this Netflix series. It is an amazing six-episode miniseries. The story is based on a book by Ban Den “The spy from Israel.” which is inspired by real-life events. Eli Cohen was born in …

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DARK Season 1 And 2 Explained By Danish A. Lohar

DARK Season 1 And 2 Explained

According to Friedrich Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence –”the idea that all events in the world repeat themselves in the same sequence through an eternal series of cycles.” That is, if there are finite events over an indefinite period of time, those events will continue to repeat themselves indefinitely. “I know everything.” …

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Ertugrul vs Game of Thrones

ertugrul vs game of thrones

Since Long Ertugrul Is Being Aired On In Pakistan People Has Gone Crazy About It, And Comparing It With An Exceptional Season GOT, Comparative Review By Abid Bakht.   By the way, there is no competition between these two but we Pakistanis always consider it our duty to compare everything …

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