Saqi-E-Bawafa By Saakin

Sakin band is not very old. So far I have heard only three songs of this band, one of which has been released with the official video, That is “Saqi-E-Bawafa“. I suggest you listen to its live version too on True Brew. It has more feelings.

I heard, that ten more songs are being worked on. I hope they will also become masterpieces.

Saqi-E-Bawafa Music

Electronic guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, and clarinet are the best and most beautiful combinations. The song starts with mysterious and soulful music, then we hear the electronic guitar, along with the beautiful melodies of the piano.
Piano chords dominate the guitar melodies. Then base guitar tunes join the other melodies. When your heart is in a state of calm while listening to these soft melodies, the drum starts playing. From here the hair-raising composition starts.
Believe me, I could hear my heart beating on the same tunes. All the instruments have been played very heartily, but the drums and piano are heartwarming…
At 2:56 minutes the trumpet music starts, which takes you to another world. My body does not swing with it, but my soul does. And I start feeling that, somewhere around there Shams and Rumi are dancing with arms tied around their chests and Faces so calm. Then the trumpet becomes silent, but the soul does not come back. In the end, there are sound effects of strong wind and also the sounds of burning wood and cracking. In the live version on True Brew, you can see Usman playing something like the tambourine. That adds more beauty to it.


I have no word for Usman Shakeel. He has great vocals, with good control and projection, that descends in the heart.
There is respect in body language which is very beautiful, and he sang so delicately. The pronunciation of the Persian words is excellent. Usman did justice to Shams poetry…
Ali Hamdani is also doing kinda throat singing in the background, which is exquisite. Background vocals of other group members are adding more energy to the song. The vocal harmony keeps the listener compelled.

Saqi-E-Bawafa Video

The video is very meaningful and symbolic. The costumes and get-up of all the members of the band are very captivating. At the beginning of the video, Usman and Ali are standing on the beach. Looking at the sky, one can guess that it’s the time before dawn. In the second scene, they are entering a studio. Then the night scene is seen when there are candles in the hands of both singers, and the eyes waiting. Then there is the bonfire, there are sparks and Usman and Ali are lost in recitation.

Saqi-E-Bawafa Video
Source: Saakin/YouTube


The studio looks like a basement and the floor is shown wet, and that dampness draws attention continually. Each and every scene is expressive and significant, and I’m sure every viewer will get a different meaning. Usman’s body movement is creating a special connection with the song. Ali’s face is calm and innocent while Usman’s face is expressing devotion…

Saqi-E-Bawafa Video
Source: Saakin/Facebook


As soon as the trumpet starts, we see an island floating in the sky. Parham walks around with a guitar, and the guitar leaves its shadow behind. Warqa’s hand bracelet is wonderful. Right before the end, a boat is seen moving in the water. The joy of finding something in the eyes of both the vocalists is easily perceivable.

Saqi-E-Bawafa Video
Source: Saakin/YouTube


Everyone moves forward and approaches the two people in the boat. Then the studio empties at the same time. And later everyone reappears near the bonfire and then in the studio …
Everything is so deep that every time I heard and saw it, it made a different sense. There’s a lot I don’t understand and for that, I need to watch this video many more times … Flames, sparks, wet floors, the body language of all members of the band, facial and eye expressions, everything is magnificent. It’s called the best music video of 2018. The more you listen, the better it gets.

Saqi-E-Bawafa Video
Source: Saakin/YouTube


Saqi-E-Bawafa Lyrics

Saqi-e ba Wafa Manam Dam Hama Dam Ali Ali
Sufi-e ba Safa Manam Dam Hama Dam Ali Ali
Ashiq-e Murtaza Manam Dam Hama Dam Ali Ali
Mutrib-e khush Nawa Manam Dam Hama Dam Ali Ali
Dam Hama Dam Ali Ali, Sahib e Dam Ali Ali
Salwaat bar Muhammad O, Darood Bar Mola Ali
Hajat Rawa Muhammad O, Mushkil Kasha Mola Ali..
Shah-e Shari’ atam tu e Pir-e Tariqatam tu e ,
Haq ba Haqiqatam tu e Dam Hama Dam Ali Ali
Dam Hama Dam Ali Ali,
Sahib e Dam Ali Ali
Salwaat bar Muhammad O, Darood Bar Mola Ali
Hajat Rawa Muhammad O, Mushkil Kasha Mola Ali..

Qaseeda: Saqi E Bawafa
Poet: Shams Tabrizi
Band: Sakin
Vocalist: Usman Shakeel, Ali Hamdani
Drum: Ibrahim Akram
Keys: Warqa Farid
Base: Parham Farid
Guitar: Ali Hamdani
Producer: Hamza Iftikhar
Cinematographer: Amir Mughal
Editor / VFX: Waqas Shehzad
Assistant Director: Sultan Laskar
Second Assistant Director: Salar Arif
1st AC: Ehsan Malik
Production House: 33 Productions
Director | Colorist: Ali Sattar
Production team: Karrar Ramal, M Naveed, Kamran Hassan, Rafiq Khan

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