The 5 Best Animated Movies Of All Time

5. Frozen

I like this movie in a way because it is one of the few movies I have seen with my mother. The story of two princess sisters, Anna and Elsa, who inherit the kingdom after their parents. Elder sister Elsa has magical powers that can turn anything into ice. Elsa hides her power but one day the secret is revealed to everyone and Elsa is frightened and starts living in the distant mountains while the other sister Anna starts looking for her.

Personally, “Olaf” is my favorite character. The visual effects of the film are amazing. The song “Let it Go” is an extraordinary example of a picturization musical piece of art.



4. Tangled

Who wouldn’t love this movie? The story of a beautiful girl “Rapunzel”, whose hair is very long and shiny. Rapunzel lives with her mother in a tall building far away. Her mother does not allow her to meet other human beings. Her mother tells her that the outside world is not for her at all, because the outside world is very bad and deceitful. And then one day a handsome thief enters the building and from here the adventure of the thief and the beautiful girl begins.



3. Kung Fu Panda

Released in 2008, the film is full of comedy. The film tells the story of a panda who accidentally becomes part of a peace-keeping group “Dragon Warrior” and thus begins the panda’s adventure. Some of the scenes in the film are so hilarious that people laugh out loud. The film touches on Chinese culture and philosophy and is as entertaining for adults as for children.



2. Moana

The battle of good and evil continues one way or another. Based on this, an excellent film Moana was made in 2016. The story of “Moana”, a girl who lives with her tribe on a beautiful island and then one-day circumstances take her on a dangerous and exciting journey. The visual effects of this film are amazing. The beauty of the islands and seas is perhaps unmatched by any other film.



1. Up

The emotions seen in this film are not found in any other animated film. The story of a man named Carl who marries his childhood friend and lives a good life. Then one day his wife dies and Carl is left alone To fulfill his wife’s wish, Carl sets out to find a place called “Paradise Falls”. Meanwhile, a cute little kid accidentally joins him. This film has a unique place among animated films because of its unique story that shocks the viewers at every step.


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