The Castle

The Castle | 3rd Part Of The Series “Darkness Is My Ally”

 Abdo comes back with the  3rd part of his series “Darkness Is My Ally”, Titled The Castle”.


“Guys let’s go to the forest it’s been long since we went for hiking,” Sam said. “ok I guess Sam is right so let’s go and have a good time.” I stood up from the couch and grabbed my car keys. “No, not today I am tired as hell.” Amanda almost yelled at me. “Oh come on Amanda get up.” I insisted.
Amanda please you know I am going to leave tomorrow.” Said Sammy Gloomily. “okay fine.” She rolled her eyes. I went to the fridge to get some beer and saw something was dripping from it. It was red. “What the.,” I screamed and opened the fridge. It was ketchup.

Sam came running towards me “What’s wrong?” “Ah, nothing go put these bottles in the car,” I said. ” Alright, Ronny.” His voice had an annoying edge. I know he doesn’t like to be ordered in any way. He grabbed the beer bottles and went out of the kitchen, and I followed. “Amanda let’s go, girl,” I said as I noticed she was going to take another nap. “Ok boss I am coming, just give me a second.” I left the room.

She came to me. We sat in the car and started to move to the nearest forest which was 5 miles away. The moment we reached there Sam sprang out of the car, excitedly. “Look at the moon, Amanda, isn’t it so beautiful,” Sam said eagerly. “Yeah beautiful and scary at the same time.” She muttered.

The Caste

“Let’s go deep in the forest.” I said. ” you must be kidding, it’s 12 am.” Amanda said in a shocking tone. “Don’t be such a coward let’s go,” Sam said. “Oh shut up I am not going in there,” Amanda replied angrily. “Amy please you know I am going tomorrow please let’s do it for me,” Sam said acting innocent. “Amanda I’ll be there with you. You don’t have to worry.” I said and laughed. “ok Sam just because of you .” She replied with a smile on her face.

Sam ran to the car with excitement I started the engine and we were in the forest in a few minutes.”ok we’ll have to walk now, don’t forget the bottles,” I said stepping out of the car. Something felt weird. ” I think everyone is asleep tonight.” I cupped my hands around my mouth and howled. “It’s so peaceful here” Sam whispered. Amanda raised her eyebrows and asked. “How can u find positivity in everything.” Sam giggled in response.

They both got out of the car and we started walking while drinking our beers. “Sam I am gonna miss you man and all the fun I had with you,” I said. He looked at me and smiled “I am gonna miss you both” Amanda said in a slightly louder voice. “What the hell is this Ron” I turned to look at the same direction where Amanda was looking and dropped my beer bottle.

The Castle

“Where are we? In another dimension?” I said as my mouth dropped. “It’s a castle,” Sam exclaimed and started running towards it. “Ronny.” Amanda murmured. “Yes?” I replied, “We have been here hundreds of times, but have never seen this castle before, weird right?” “Yes,” I said still looking at the castle.It was so beautiful, something I had never seen before, dark and so huge that the view couldn’t in my eyes.

“Ron, sam has reached the gate of the castle.”Amanda grabbed my arm. I turned my head and saw Sam entering through a gigantic door, which started to close itself. ” Sam!” I shouted and ran towards the door and the door stopped as it was waiting for me to enter.

The Castle

Amanda followed me and we both entered the castle. It has a strange fragrance and the temperature was slightly cold inside. “Isn’t it strange that there’s no window nor air conditioning system yet, it’s still cold in here.” I wondered. “Yeah, but I can spend my remaining life here, peacefully.” Amanda giggled.

“Sam where are you?” My voice echoed in the empty room. “Amanda you look for him there I’ll go find him on the opposite side.” “Sam stop right there it’s funny.” I heard Amanda shouting as I moved forward. I turned back and saw someone running. “Are you sure it was Sam?” I whispered. “Yes,” she replied, and we started climbing stairs hurriedly.

The Castle

“You better come out Sam or I’ll rip your throat off when I will find you,” Amanda yelled at the empty room. “Move aside” I screamed hysterically, and something fell from the ceiling. “Eww, what’s that?” Amanda asked in a state of disgust. I leaned close to it “It’s fresh blood, it’s it’s… its a throat.” I looked at Amanda. My voice trembling. “How funny you guys got me, now come out sam.” I rolled my eyes. I was so annoyed.

“What’s wrong with u Ron. Do you think it’s some kind of prank we are playing on you?” “Amanda you really think you guys can trick me now.”

“SHUT UP!” Amanda said furiously. “I don’t know what got into your mind.” “Woah really you just said you’ll rip off Sam’s throat and this bloody throat fell from nowhere, what am I suppose to think?”

“Are you out of your mind? Do you think we are pranking you? You think we built this castle! What is your problem Ronn? Please go find Sam.” She said with a frown on her face, and then I knew she wasn’t lying, and I felt foolish for what I said. “What’s going on here.” I kept thinking nervously.

“Something is really wrong here we need to get out of here ASAP.” Amanda looked at me and nodded. We ran upstairs. “Look, there are two doors, maybe he is inside one of them,” I said to Amanda and walked towards the door. “Wow, such a beauty,” I said surprised. The doors were pearl white. I did not want to touch them, It felt like my hands might make them dirty.

I was lost in my thoughts when Amanda pushed me aside and opened the door. She started screaming maniacally as she entered. I ran inside, and I saw two bodies hanging on hooks. The bodies were mutilated in such a way that I could not even determine the gender.

However, the strange thing was, that the room didn’t smell rotten at all, even though it seemed that those bodies were hanging there for months. Nevertheless, the sight made me throw in disgust, and when I was done I looked for Amanda. I find her laying on the floor unconscious. “Wake up Amanda come on, wake up.” She opened her eyes and looked around as if she was in a deep sleep.

“We need to get out of here, get up.” She stood up and grasped my hand tight, we both got out of the room, and there he was standing right in front of us. “Sam where have you been?” My voice trembled when I shrieked. “Why are you screaming? I was just looking around the place.” “Looking around? Are you serious? There are two dead bodies, hanging on hooks in that room. We need to get out of here right now!” I shouted.

Anger overcoming my fear. Sam laughed “That was a good one”, but my expression didn’t change and Sam realized that I was serious. “I am sorry Ron, I do not know what is wrong but let’s get out”. We ran towards the main door and, we were shocked to see the door was disappearing as if the walls were swallowing it. “What’s happening, look at the door,” I shouted in panic, and before we could even reach the door it was all gone like it was never there.

“What are we gonna do now there’s no other way,” Sam said disappointedly. “How are you so sure?” Amanda asked while holding her tears back. “I told you both I was looking around the place”. Amanda broke into tears when she heard that. We are all going to die by suffocation, or even worse.” Her words reminded me of those two rotten bodies that were hanging in the room upstairs. And then worse happened.

I heard the sound of footsteps, we turned back instantly. We saw a man, standing only a few feet away from us. He was the kind of man I had never seen in my entire life. He was wearing the finest black suit that I just wished I had, a strange attracting fragrance was coming from him. He just looked amazing I took a step closer to him. I do not know why. Then I noticed that the fragrance and the cold temperature in the castle have increased.

The Castle

“Is it because of him?” I thought. “You people are not going to die suffocating here,” he said, his voice was amazingly calm that I felt peaceful. As soon as he finished he moved his hands into his pocket. “It’s going to be worse than that.” He said looking at Amanda. A strange fear filled my heart and my eyes filled with tears. He took out a small knife, my eyes widened, and before I could understand anything he threw it right in my eyes.

I fell on the ground screaming. Amanda and Sam came running to me. “What did u do?” Sam shouted, but he ignored Sam. I could not tolerate the pain I didn’t know what to do. “Pull it out Sam” I cried in pain. “I can’t.” Please, Sam!” I pleaded, and he pulled the blade out. I was crying fiercely. But, now I did not care about the pain, now I was furious for what he did, and I got up looking for him but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Where is he gone?” I shouted and I heard his voice. “Ron stop shouting I prefer peace here.” His voice was calm and gentle. I ran to him holding that small blade. And he moved, he moved so fast that I did not see him move. I fell to the ground, blade cutting through my fingers. I stood up and roar. “Enough, let us out.” I turned to see Sam and Amanda and there he was standing right behind Amanda.

“Ama…” I began but it was too late he pulled off her skin from the back as if it was a thin sheet of paper. She fell on the ground. I could see her spine. “Amanda. Amanda..” Sam cried, but she was dead. “Poor girl, you guys should have let her sleep.” He said while putting her skin on his back. But his suit did not stain, the blood vanished as soon as it touched his clothes as if his suit drank the blood. Then he walked away from us like nothing ever happened and he soon vanished. I walked towards Sam who was still traumatized by what he just saw.

“Sammy, don’t worry I will take you to your home.” But it seems like he was hearing a word. He kept looking at Amanda’s lifeless body. I reached close to her and covered her body. “RONNNN.” I turned back and Sam was being pulled by that same man. I ran to him as fast as I possibly could but I was not fast enough to catch him. He took Sam inside a room and shut the door.

“Open the door!”. I kicked and pushed and did everything in my power but it did not open. I heard Sam’s screams coming from inside the room. It made me even more worried and terrified. I kicked harder. “Please let him go he is just a kid.” But nothing helped. Then all of a sudden his screams stopped but the door was still close, and then I lost all my hopes.

The Castle

I sat by the door crying realizing that Sam is no more. But then the door slowly begin to open, I got up on my feet in a second and all I could see was blood, blood all over the room. I slowly stepped in, the first thing I saw was a finger. I just prayed in my heart that it was not Sam’s finger. But my heart sank when I saw Sam. He was sitting in a wheelchair his head was turned to his back, all his cut off fingers were laying on the floor.

His legs were nowhere to be seen, but his foot rested on the floor as his thighs were invisible. I moved to the back of the chair, and I almost screamed when I saw that his face was completely hollow, like there was nothing inside, his face looked nothing more than a giant hole. I ran out of the room terrified in the hope that I might be able to get out of this place alive.

And my hopes raised when I saw the main door again. I was wide open. I ran to the door as fast as I could but it seemed as if the door was getting further and my heart sank when it started to close again. “No! No! No! Please no!” and it stopped, the door stopped there, I ran faster, and before I knew it I was out of the castle.

I once looked back inside the castle and I froze when I saw Amanda’s body was nowhere to be seen or any stain of blood on the floor it looked so peaceful, so peaceful that I wanted to go inside again, but I shook my head and turned back and there he was, standing right in front of me holding an ax “Easy one for you.” and he sliced my head clean off.

The Castle

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