The Executioner

The Executioner

Abdo came back with the 4th part of the series “Darkness Is My Ally (Sequel)“.

I woke up by my alarm sound it was 7 in the morning. I was still trying to open my eyes when last night incidents flashed in my head and I sat up with a sudden jerk thinking as if it was a dream.

The Executioner


I left my room quickly without wasting any time and went to the security room to check the camera footage. As I entered the room the men sitting there stood up in shock as it was still early and I didn’t even change my sleeping outfit. One of them asked if anything was wrong.

“Show me the footage of Mortifer between 02:00 am and 02:15 am.”

He quickly showed me the footage but there was nothing wrong, he was sitting there eyes closed and that everlasting calmness on his face. I asked him to play again between 02:08 am and 02:10 am, but again everything was so usual. I was puzzled, but then I thought it could have been a dream as it was a bad and tiring day.

“Doctor is everything alright?” The man asked.

“Hmm yeah, thanks,” I responded and left the room.

I started walking back to my room still trying to convince myself that it was a dream and nothing else. When I saw Megan walking towards my room, I thought talking to her would freshen up my mood.

“Good morning! Megan.”

She looked at me with a smile. “Hey good morning! Wait why you still haven’t changed and why are you outside in nightdress.”

“Oh, it’s just… forget it.” I tapped on the other coffee cup she was holding. “Is this for me?”

The Executioner


“Yes it is yours, I was actually heading to your room but here you are, take this and get ready, Mr. Aaron has called us both.”

“Yeah sure just give me 30 minutes.”

I took my coffee cup and went to my room. After 30 minutes I was ready for the meeting. I called Megan.

“Megan I’ll see you at Aaron’s office.”

“Actually I am sitting in his office. We are waiting for you. Will you please come quickly.”

I was leaving my room when I got a text from Megan.

“Suze he doesn’t look so happy…”

I almost laughed when I read that.

“Don’t worry about it, I don’t remember when he was last happy haha…” I texted back and started to walk towards the office. I knew I will be flooded with Aaron’s question there. After a few minutes, I was standing in front of his office door. I took a deep breath and walked in with a smile.

“Good morning! Aaron.”

“Good morning! Doctor.” He was reading some files

The Executioner


“Please be seated,” he said.

I sat on the chair next to Megan. He closed the file and looked at us.

“Suzan you must be aware that we have to solve this mystery as soon as possible, but I have been informed by the authority we still don’t know much about Mortifer and today is the third day.”

I couldn’t say anything I didn’t have any explanation to give as I knew he was aware of everything.

“I am not saying it’s your fault or I need the results right now but it would be better if we can get the answers to our questions soon.” He said in a sympathetic tone.

“I have checked the file of the mass murder that occurred in the hotel and we still have no clear evidence if Mortifer did that except for the assumptions which we have for all these cases.”

He passed me a file. “This is the hotel file and I hope we get some answers today.”

I nodded in response.

“Thank you, both of you can leave now,” he said and we both stood up and walked out.

“He was so cold to us Suze.”

I gave Megan a glare. “What? That was his normal way to talk.”

“Okay… by the way, may I ask you something?”

“Yes, why not.”

“Who is Smith to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“He was there with you while you were unconscious, I don’t think he left you alone even for a minute.”

“Focus on the case, Megan!”

“Okay okay don’t get mad.”

“I don’t have time for your silly questions Megan!” She didn’t say anything and kept walking.

I opened the file to give it a look, but as I turned the first page the file dropped from my hands out of shock and disgust. There was a photo of the Hotel’s corridor on which the 50 people were killed, and every door had a victim’s severed head nailed on it. I picked up the file looked at the photos in it. All the bodies were mutilated, body parts were scattered on the floor, the walls were all red because of the blood, and worst of all, in every room there was a message written in blood one of them said.

“I enjoyed her scream.”

A head was hanging on the wall above the message, and it’s lower jaw was missing. I couldn’t even imagine the amount of pain she and all the victims must have gone through, which always made me feel sad. I handed the file to Megan and kept walking. I finally reached the door. The guard was already waiting for us he opened the door and as expected he was already looking at the door as if he was waiting for me I stepped in, both guard and Megan followed. I sat down and Megan handed me the file, I took out the last picture I saw and put it on the table, a smile came upon his face.

“Why did you kill them Mortifer?”

He kept looking at the photo and didn’t say a word.”She was truly beautiful, I killed her slowly.”

At last, he said and I could clearly feel the strange pleasure in his voice. I almost wanted to scream at him, but Megan pressed my shoulder.

“Please! Suze.” I took a deep breath and asked again.

“Why did you kill those innocent people Mortifer?”

“For fun Dr.Suzan, I killed them all for fun, to listen to their screams to watch them cry, I wanted them to beg the way your dad did.”

And that set me on fire.


I screamed at him. My tears were falling down my cheeks. I couldn’t stop thinking about how my father must have suffered, but I had to control my emotions. I couldn’t let them take over me. I sat down took a sip of water and collected myself.

“Dr. Suzan, how will you all make me pay when you all are too scared to get close to me?”

He asked as if he was mocking us, I put down the glass of water and looked into his eyes with a smirk on my face this time.

“What is keeping you in such a delusion Mortifer?” I asked.

“Why are you sitting 10 feet away from me?”

I knew he was playing tricks on me, but I was confident I stood up and walked close to him for the first time, and there was unfamiliar feeling around him mixed with the fragrance. The feeling of terror and a strange feeling of peace.



“These cuffs Mortifer are filled with the most toxic substance on this planet, one drop of it is enough to kill thousands of men in a second,” I said pointing at his handcuffs.

“And the best part is it’s under my control, so if you move an inch without my willingness you are dead.”

My words didn’t change his expression.

“Dr. Suzan will you please bring your ear close to me, I want to tell you something.”

He said and I couldn’t resist his calm voice as if he ordered me I lowered my head and what he whispered in my ear sent chills down my spine.

“You look better while asleep.”

I moved backward in shock, picked up the file, and left the room without saying a word. Megan asked what was wrong but I didn’t respond I just wanted to meet Aaron.

“Megan go check the audio of this meeting with Mortifer when I was close to him and inform me what you find ASAP.”

“Ok, but what happened?”

“Just go and listen and tell me what you find!”

“Ok Ok, you stay calm.”

I nodded and she left. When I went to Aaron’s office he was already looking at the video footage of the incident that happened.

“Doctor what’s wrong why did you leave in such a hurry?”

“Aaron, he was in my room last night! I know it’s hard to believe even I wasn’t ready to believe but he just said that to me!”

“Suzan calm down have a glass of water.”

He doesn’t really call me Suzan during working hours unless he wants to talk as a friend rather than a head of the facility. I sat down and looked at his face.

“Tell me Aaron do you believe me?”

“Suzan I said calm down.”

“No I can’t calm down after what he just said, that simply means keeping him in that room is of no use!”

“Suzan all he said is that you look better when asleep.”

“Yes, and I saw him last night in my room.”

“Do you realize he might be playing tricks on you?”

“I don’t know Aaron I just really don’t know what’s going on.”

“let’s go for a walk Suzan.”

I nodded as I knew he wanted to distract me from all this confusion. We both left his office.

“Suzan, do you remember those 10 people who I brought with me?”

“Yes, actually I wanted to ask you about them.”

“They are here for something I have been planning for some time now, come I’ll show you.”

He said as we turned to the area where Aaron and few people were allowed only. I suddenly felt happy and forgot about everything that happened.

“Aaron really?” I was finally going to that area. He looked at me.

“Don’t scream out of excitement Suzan.”

“Yes of course I won’t,” I said with a laugh.

There was a giant door that was being guarded by some men of his mini army. He walked forward and opened the door which required his fingerprints and iris scan. After entering the room behind the door I was amazed to see a giant machine standing in front of me it was like 10 feet tall and it looked like something from a movie.

“What is this Aaron?”

“Suzan meet the Executioner… built for Mortifer.”


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