The Gunfighter (2014)

Are You Keen on Reading Reviews on Films? Read This Epic Review by Film Critic Gul Abeer | Movie: The GunFighter
The Western comedy movie The gunfighter begins when a cowboy enters a bar and the narrator’s voice is heard.
“The weary gunfighter walked slowly through the saloon.”
The characters in the movie can also hear the voice of the narrator, and this is the funniest thing of this movie. This voice is everything, the rise and fall of this voice control the strings of all characters. They stutter, startle, stagger, then recover. Nevertheless, the unseen power keeps tightening their strings. Secrets are being revealed, the characters lose control of themselves, and the voice makes them do what it wants them to do, “The Ballet of Death”. It may sound like a serious movie, but it’s more of a dark comedy. Especially the scene where.
Ned: “I am seriously not picturing that.”
Narrator: “But inside he was.”
Ned: “No I’m not.”
Narrator: “But he was”
Ned: “No I am not, and that’s a final word.”After, short silence of ten seconds.
Narrator: “But he was.”And you will lose control of your laughter. Then Ned’s emotional speech, which will take you to the world of dreams, and the idea of ​​the world becoming a Paradise will be solidified.
However, if the ideal world is created. How will we find amusement for ourselves? To continue this fun the voice creates fear inside the Ned and dishuun.. this is your world, where hatred, fear, lust, And hunger will keep dancing. There’s really something in Nick Offerman’s voice that seems to be controlling, and raise a sense of helplessness.

Neither the voice is imposing anything nor there is advice or order. But still, it feels like the voice is taking away the freedom. The set is great. The doors, windows, table, bar all are very suitable and well-placed. See the essence of acting in 9 minutes. Each character blends his body language and facial expressions well with his character.

The dialogues and silence between the dialogues are so meaningful.
Ned: “Hell, this could be the beginning of a new utopia, a society based on fairness and tolerance where it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor…”
Sally: “Or a woman.”
Ned: “Let’s not get carried away.”

If you want to spend nine minutes happily, and you understand humor, then watch “The gunfighter.”
Finally, the words of director Eric Kissack.
“I’ve always thought it was important to point out the dangers of complete and total honesty. I mean, obviously, in an ideal world we wouldn’t do things that we’re ashamed of. But that world seems vanishingly distant so in the meantime, let’s all just learn to accept a little judicious truth-concealing (lying). ”

Movie: The Gunfighter
Duration: 9 min
Writer: Kevin Tenglin
Director: Eric Kissack
Genre: Western/Comedy
IMDb Rating: 8/10


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