The Man From Earth (2007) | A Movie Review By Gul Abeer

The Man From Earth (2007) is a story about an incomprehensible man who wants to quietly escape after completing ten years as a university teacher. But he gets fed up with the constant questions from his fellow colleagues and reveals a secret about himself. Which is hard to believe.

Professor John says he has been living for fourteen thousand years, and his age has not increased beyond thirty-two years. He claims to have traveled with Columbus. He has traveled all over the world. He has spent time with Buddha and is influenced by his teachings. To spread these teachings he adopted an identity, at this time he reveals the name of a great religious figure. That gives a shock to his friends and the viewer as well. But this exactly is the part of the movie where even in normal weather the cold waves running through the body make you tremble…

An hour and twenty-seven-minute film, shot at the same location, in a very simple way, opens many windows of your mind and heart. but there are more windows inside these windows, layer by layer, however, to reach that point where man screams with ecstasy “Yes I found” is impossible.

A lively discussion that starts from history, geography, science, anthropology, and comes down to religion, between experienced faculty members of a well-known university, who are proficient in various subjects. Yet, man is sensitive when it comes to beliefs, so the chances of moving forward diminishes.

The questions that are raised in this whole debate and the views that are given on the possibility of human longevity are such that it becomes impossible to disprove John’s claim. Nevertheless, at the same time, John fails to proves his claim to be true.

Here the film becomes philosophical. What and how much can we know? To what extent is what we know based on facts and truth? Can’t the truth of different human beings in the same period be different from each other? Can’t knowledge based on this different truth be different from other human knowledge?
Can the biology of just one human being different from other human beings in the world? Can this happen to more than one human being? Can the things that our imagination creates, which we call fiction, become reality at any moment of time? Is it possible that the knowledge, theory, or belief that established at one period of time, remains the same even after going through different periods, with all its minute details?
Is it thinkable that the founder of this ideology blames himself for creating that belief system after seeing the changes in these ideologies? …

There are a lot of questions that can make your heart flutter, but after watching this movie you get satisfaction at the same time when restlessness covers you.


Movie: The Man From Earth
Genre: Indie film, Drama, Sci-Fi
IMDb Rating: 7.9 / 10


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