The Spy Netflix Review

The Spy Netflix Review By Aqib Raza, A 2019 Mini Series.


Last night I watched this Netflix series. It is an amazing six-episode miniseries. The story is based on a book by Ban Den “The spy from Israel.” which is inspired by real-life events.

Eli Cohen was born in Egypt and later emigrated to Israel. He is an Israeli citizen who has a wife whom he loves dearly. He applies twice in Israeli agency “Mossad” for recruitment. Nevertheless, both times his request is denied.

On the other hand, the Syrian army is making it hard for Israelis to live. Israel wants a person who can spy the Syrian army and inform them about their every single move, like what is their next strategy and the exact moment when they are going to attack.

Eli Cohen is being trained for espionage. Then how does Eli change his identity and take the form of a Muslim, and is slowly gaining ground in the Syrian government is shown wonderfully in the series. However, the ending made me extremely sad, how his life reached the end, and he was being executed was hear-rending.


The Spy Netflix Review Eli Cohen


The pictures of real Eli Cohen, who was hanged in a Damascus square, and whose body was kept hanging there for six hours has been shown at the end of the series. Syria has not yet handed over Eli’s body to Israel. This is an extremely enthralling series to watch.

Sudden twists and turns keep the viewers engaged. This role is well suited to Sacha Baran Cohen. From the cast and direction to the script and beyond, everything is exceptionally great which makes this series a compelling watch.

The life of a spy is shown, what he has to endure, and how the end is an anonymous death. Spies, no matter what country they belong to, I feel sympathy for them. Being loyal to their country they do everything the can and put their lives in danger, but what they get in the end is a nameless life and an unattributed death.

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