The Stranger Among Us

The Stranger Among Us

Abdo’s Series “Darkness Is My Ally”  was Ended up with 3 Parts Previously.  Abdo just came up with the sequel. “The Stranger Among Us”  is Part 1 of it.

I am finally going to see “Him”. That’s how we refer to that killer. I never saw him, I didn’t know his name, who he is or where did he come from. All I ever learned about him is that he has been killing people with no mercy for years. This afternoon he was finally arrested and it was already all over the news but there was no picture of him yet.


The Stranger Among Us


He is still a total mystery to us and maybe that’s the reason why I am here. I am Suzan world’s top five psychiatrists who’s going to stay in the same facility where he will be kept. But I am more than happy for this opportunity. I have my own accounts to settle with this killer. “Suzze!” Megan hissed pointing at the arm guards coming from outside.

Megan is my co-worker who is gonna help me with this case. “I think he is here.” I nodded, my eyes staring at the door, waiting to get his glimpse. I was shocked when I saw him entering through the door. He was around 25 to 30 years old. I thought they got the wrong person. This was a huge mistake. The person whose story I have been hearing since my childhood is this young. It can’t be possible. I ran to authority filled with rage and pushed the door open.


“CALM DOWN!? The only reason I am here is that you people said you will catch him and here you bring me some sick criminal?” “Dr. please give us a chance to explain.” “Oh yeah sure go ahead.” “This is that same person we have been looking for, I know it is impossible to believe but it’s him.” “And you expect me to believe this?” I couldn’t believe him but something in his voice told me he wasn’t lying either so I tried to convince my self.

“Okay, but if by any chance this is not him you all are gonna face the consequences for wasting my time here.” They just nodded and I left the office. I saw Megan looking in the room through a giant bulletproof glass where he was being kept.

Actually the entire room was bomb proof especially built for him. It was built a year ago in the hope that he will be caught one day and today was that day. I walked to Megan. “Megan!” And she nearly jumped out of her skin. “What’s the wrong Suzze? Don’t scare me like that again.” I laughed but it soon went away as I saw him in-room sitting on a chair. “Do you think its really him,” I asked. “Yes he looks too young for the person we thought in our minds but I feel it’s him.” She replied thoughtfully.

We were talking while he suddenly looked at the glass. I was pretty sure no one could see outside that room through that glass. However, the way he was looking at us gave me chills.


The Stranger Among Us


“He is just playing with us, I am sure he can’t see a thing.” Megan didn’t say a word and moved away from the glass. Nevertheless, I kept observing him for a little too long, but I was interrupted by a guard. “They told me to inform you that you have to question him after 30 minutes, so be prepared.”

I turned around and proceeded to walk to my room to get my stuff and myself ready if it’s actually him. After 25 mins I returned ready and confident to get as much information from him as possible. I walked towards the door. I reached there and noticed that the guard standing there looked paranoid. I asked him to open the door and he paused for a moment. “Dr. please be careful.” He said as he turned to type the security code. I nodded and entered the room.

As I stepped in I felt a strange fragrance filled the room. It was something I never smelled before, so beautiful that I almost forgot where I was, and what I am here for. I gave a sudden jerk to my head to get rid of this feeling and regained my senses. Then I saw him, chained to the chair he was sitting on, but he looked so calm and peaceful with his eyes closed. I did not see even a scar on his face from any of the merciless murders he did.

I stood there for a few moments observing him, then something about him convinced me that this might be him. His suit, the never-ending darkness he was the part of, the strange fragrance and the way he was so calm like nothing has happened, made me think that he was so magical like living magic.

I walked to the desk placed almost 10 feet away from him. I pulled the chair and right after I sat there, he opened his eyes and looked right into my eyes. His eyes were dark, darker then the void and the moment his eyes met with mine a feeling of terror ran through my whole body. And he said with his amazingly calm voice. “felt that…?” There was a pause and then he smiled. “..Dr. Suzan”.

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Ezza saleem
Ezza saleem
2 months ago

Great and amazing …i like the concept….

1 month ago