Tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone

Life Is Uncertain, And Death Is Inevitable Tomorrow Is Never Guaranteed To Anyone You Never Know What Turn It Is Going To Take

Abdo comes back with the 2nd part of his series “Darkness Is My Ally”, which is a fictional depiction of  Tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone.


never take someone for granted

I was at the bar having some drinks to calm my nerves when I started getting calls from Maria around 10 pm. Maria is my girlfriend, we had an argument that evening over some foolish stuff. So I decided not to pick up the call at any cost. I was so pissed at her, but after 5 missed calls I received a message from her,
“Jacob there’s someone in the house help me”

and I immediately called her, she picked up the call in a second, she was gasping for air.
“Hello Maria, what’s wrong, what happened, where are you?” I asked.

She started crying so hard she couldn’t breathe. “Jacob there’s someone in the house please come fast, I am hiding in the cupboard, please be here as soon as you can.”

I heard a loud noise on the other end, and then she hung up. I grabbed my car keys lying on the table and ran toward my car. I kept calling her while driving, but she didn’t answer my calls that made me even more worried. I reached her house in a few minutes, I rushed towards the front door but it was closed.

I started calling her name.  “Maria! Open the door.”
But there was no response. I kicked the door a few times and it flew open.  “Maria!” I screamed with horror but there was complete silence in the house. Everything was so unnaturally quiet.  I ran to her room and opened the door. The room was dark and quiet.

never take someone for granted

I switched on the lights and there she was, nailed to the ceiling,  blood dripping from her neck, her head was laying on the floor, and her mouth was torn open. My eyes were bloodshot and tears were beginning to blur my vision. Terrible anguish struck my heart, I felt a jolt of a fear lance through my gut. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t even make a sound.

That’s when I heard something from the bathroom, I walked warily towards the bathroom. There I saw a man wearing a white suit stained with blood. He was washing his hands with a face so calm.

I grabbed his collar and before I could hit him, I heard him saying,
“Jacob, you’re late, too late. It’s finished, now I have to leave, so if you please get your hands off my collar.”

Tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone

His voice was peaceful and calm, and I don’t know why, but I let him leave. I stood there, looking at the mirror, for I don’t know how much time. It was my phone ring, that shook me awake. I saw “Maria Calling” on the screen, and my heart sank. I picked up the call with trembling hands and put the phone to my ear. “Hey, Jacob.” He said in a very friendly voice. Then he whispered, “I will come for you too.”

and my phone died. It’s been one week since the incident happened. I am hiding in my home. Police are looking for me all over the city but that’s not what I am worried about. I am worried about him coming back for me. And I feel like he is around and I know, I just know there’s no escaping.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone

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