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About three years ago, I saw a South Indian film “Train To Busan” in which a dog bites a human, and that human adopts the same habit of biting other humans and started infected them too. Actually that dog was infected with a strange virus, and the disease was transmitted from that dog to a human.


Train To Busan 2016
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The beginning was too good, but by the end, I was so angry that I started hated zombie-type movies. On one occasion, while I was watching videos on YouTube, I saw the trailer of a Korean movie “Train to Bosan” which looked great. After reading some good reviews on that, I decided to watch it. And trust me it was worth my time.

I just finished this movie and I would say that I enjoyed it to the fullest. This two hours duration movie keeps a person hooked on the screen without letting him get bored even for a minute.

The story of the film is about a fund manager, Seok-woo, and his wife are separated. He lives with his daughter, while his wife is lives in Busan. On her Birthday, he insisted he visit Bosan to see her mother. She is not willing to take any gift, except a trip to Bosan.

Train To Busan 2016
Source: IMDb


Forced by his daughter’s stubbornness, Seok gets on the train to Bosan with his daughter the next morning. Then a series of strange events started, which makes the movie horrifying.

A woman infected with inexplicable virus boards a train and endangers the lives of passengers. The woman infects a passenger and starts a non-stop chain. Passengers on the train get the news from the television, that the virus has spread across the country and an emergency has been declared across the country. Busan is the only city that is safe from this virus.

What passengers face while trying to get there? How do people fight to save themself? How when death is imminent, man forgets every friendly relationship. And just worries about saving his own life? How did the surviving passengers on the train save themselves from these zombies, is worth a watch?

The screenplay of the film is brilliant which makes you not blink even for a minute. This movie is another evidence of Yeon’s astounding cinematic delicacy.

All the actors have performed very well, The movie editor Yang Jin-mo did a brilliant job. The sequencing creates overpowering suspense. The music and sound effects fill the viewers with horror. considering the success of this film, the second part of this film has also been released a few days ago.
If you like movies based on Survival, you will love this movie.



By Aqib Raza

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